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This is part-2 in this series which is my ‘deconstructing’ Tony Kosinec’s 6-hour presentation of Kaballistic metaphysics. The link to his video is in my Youtube video.

My main point of contention was when he called Kabbalah science. This is blatantly dishonest and calls into question the integrity of this oeuvre. If something can’t be falsified it isn’t science and if something can’t be detected or measured then it isn’t demonstrable science.

At best it’s premodern hermeticism…

Like Jihad, if the idea of Israel and the nations were solely esoteric personal phenomenology then I wouldn’t see a problem with this metaphysics regardless of whether any of it is metaphysically accurate or not. It’s when these ideas get played out in the real world of economics and nation-state politics that they become exceedingly problematic. Again, the general idea of a solely spiritual Jihad isn’t necessarily destructive and can possibly lead to good interior insights. But it should never go further than this, in my opinion…

The Kabbalist ‘Maslow hierarchy of stage development’ is interesting but these ideas are way to easy to abuse and the self-deception via rationalizations is endless.

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