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In this one, I start with a brief overview of philosophies musings on the nation-state from Plato to Hegel to Marx and to where we are now which is what I’ve dubbed ‘left-wing neoliberal communism.’

I briefly touch on religious ideas about the nation-state and offer critique on Judaism and its Messiah trope and cough up a suggestion or two…ahem:P, In short, I think theocracy is the exact wrong way to go…

In the solutions section, I promote the philosophy of EQUALISM …while promoting my ideas like my Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons which suggests taking humanity’s four basic needs of housing, food, education, and health-care off exploitative and coercive capitalist machinations. I also suggest that The Golden Rule as applied to economics should be a part of a healthy nation-state. 

A neo-commons needs a means of exchange that isn’t a toxic debt-riddled mess and needs a new education model premised on acquiring self-sufficiency and mastery within a new appreciation for the family unit wherein economic predation isn’t allowed. So, it would set up the conditions for a healthy foundation for society and the nation-state…

In the end, I align more with right-wing thinking but I’m not silly enough to think that libertarian-ancapistan can solve the problems inherent in the Pareto distribution and human pathology in the economic sphere. So only a wholesale non-predatory span of the commons can get us anywhere near to right-wing economic philosophies…

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