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This is the first mix of this one. I’ll link my songwriter version below. I passed it off to my mixmaster, Rick @ Cosmic Pig Studios and asked him to do whatever he thought worked. Thanks to Helene’, too, for the wonderful vocals. I’ll do the acoustic guitar track this weekend and get it back to the studio so the final mix can be completed.
At any rate, this is the REAL new year based on astronomy/astrology. You’ll find the names of the month make sense when you count from here: October is 8 and not the 10th month of the Julian calendar. The Son of God (Jupiter) Julius Caesar altered the calendar during his reign. Things have never been quite the same since and this was one of the early beginnings of humanity’s dissociation from natural cycles upon the earth. The enclosure of the commons by the capitalist oligarchs in England ramped that up and the coming technocracy will finish the job–mind-control and social engineering via the SCREEN! Interestingly, Caesar married a virgin queen (Cleopatra) and they bore a Son of God– Caesarion. When Octavian conquered Marc Antony and Cleopatra in Egypt Caesarion (the son of god) fled to India…In India, at the time, they would have LITERALLY believed that he was A SON of GOD. This story still reverberates in India today…
Caesar was murdered and betrayed by Brutus (Judas) on the 15th of March–The Ides Of March. They love this month for MAYHEM! And, in fact, it was a war between a dictator and the oligarchs of Rome!

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