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You will have to watch Spartacus: Vengence linked here to understand the context of this post. It’s the second season and to get the full context it might be best to watch season one, too, but not necessary. I’m not really interested in the historical accuracy and details of the relationships as portrayed in this series– but rather am more focused on overarching general themes. Episode 9 is called Monsters and will be the focus of this blog. Fair warning, though, that this will likely be difficult to understand unless one is well acquainted with spirituality in general, and more specifically, esoteric and gnostic strains of metaphysics such as Kabbalism.

The Anti-Christ will come and in normative Christian mythology it is the devil who will declare himself God and instruct the worship at the rebuilt third temple in Jerusalem while likely ushering in the seven laws of Noah: or, The Noahide Laws-in that regard, the series Sparticus is apt as it’s extraordinarily violent with lots of decapitation–the method of execution during the Jewish Messiah’s reign of terror. I’ve suggested in other posts that very few Jews will reject this Messiah and that even the staunchest atheists among them will choose to keep their ‘head on shoulder’ and submit: the same will not hold true for the Goyim. I concede that it will be an incredible experience for Jews to witness all their historic enemies put to death. But that aside…

Gaius Claudius Glaber

portrays the ‘anti-christ’ via analogy for this post. He declares himself a MONSTER in this episode along with his wife Ilithyia who also declares herself a monster in this scene after she violently murders Glaber’s lover. Although the anti-christ mythology is fairly well understood in religion the nature of the Whore of Babylon is not so well understood let alone esoteric school conceptions about the snake in the Garden of Eden: said to be Sophia in many esoteric traditions and especially within Kabbalism. In modernity, the secular version of Sophia has been instantiated into the Gaia theory of the earth, but there are other interpretations including one that I uniquely hold. The more widespread version is that Sophia was the snake Lucifer in the Garden attempting to rescue Adam and Eve from their imprisonment by the Elohim archons who are said, in some versions, to have raped her…

It’s clear in the Christian tradition that the end times antagonist is The Whore Of Babylon…

So we have the convergence of the ‘male’ anti-christ juxtaposed to the ‘female’ whore who rules over the nations via economics, politics, and false religion. I’ve suggested many times on this site that the Anti-Christ is a Demiurgic replicant of the true Aeon Christ and I suggest that Lucifer (Kabbalist Sophia) is a replicant of the Aeon Sophia and that these two ‘monsters’ will be running the show as we fulfill, once more, the flow of HIS-story! So, we will have The Whore of Babylon and the Anti-Christ running the show as this cosmic drama plays out. They will, of course, have their own unique version of who Jesus and God are. The Demiurge will likely send out into the world TWO OLIVE TREES, also, and I’m suggesting these two guys as possibilities: linked here and here

These two fellows are espousing some pretty incredible metaphysics and there is NO WAY to accept their version of the universe without coming to the conclusion that there is a MASSIVE long-term conspiracy by civilizations elite to LIE about the nature of reality–and physics, and metaphysics. In short, they are teaching that there are only TWO dimensions: the space we live in and counter-space with counter space being the wholeness of everything and space (where we are) being a holographic projection. Yet, incredible as this seems, I’ve never heard either one of them come out and say explicitly that there is a conspiracy of Elite lies on earth. They both, as far as I can tell, abstain from talking about economics and specifically, USURY, which is now the method of slavery upon the earth…An interesting question, it seems to me, is why usury is an acceptable form of soteriology and why it is the Kabbalists think porn being injected into Christian cultures is a good thing? So, apparently, Christian cultures just aren’t understanding things properly because USURY AND PORN are, it seems, GOOD THINGS! Yikes! I’ve talked about this previously in my blogs on Sabbatean Frankest beliefs about Antinomianism (conscious lawlessness) brought about via inversion to justify a specific end goal…

As a spiritual anarchist myself I have to take issue with this approach and do not agree with it. The type of spiritual anarchy I espouse is one of resistance to wickedly intentioned archons who control this prison grid…I’ve also gone on record saying that, in general, I don’t oppose the idea on a very small micro-scale as practiced via some Tantric schools of spirituality, but that, in my mind, is entirely different than large scale societal psychological operations which span centuries and seem more about political and financial power on earth and little to do with spiritual transcendence…

So it appears we have two monsters to deal with as well as a bloody virus! Interestingly enough, and see my virus series here where I suggest that we all have to pay a very high price for this virus except for the USURERS who are being given special privilege by the governments they own: which is pretty well all of them…But not quite all of them:) 

                                                                       Game on I guess! 

I guess I should mention that on a basic human scale I really like these Two Olive Trees! But, that is an entirely different issue than metaphysical truth. In philosophy, there are three primary theories of truth with one called, Pragmatism, which at its simplest asks what is useful. So if these grand metaphysical expositions have no ability to curb evil on this earth then I ask how useful it is here?

Upon reflection: there is an overwhelming consensus within most of the world’s religions and common people in general that USURY isn’t as COOL as the banksters say it is! Maybe it’s time they let this one go and come up with something BETTER and not worse. There was a religious idea in the axial age which taught the idea of a Jubilee or debt amnesty! Perhaps it’s an idea that should be reconsidered! God is supposed to be GOOD afterall, RIGHT?

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