Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

A few things I missed: I don’t think that complex mental abstractions justify or should null and void basic human decency when it comes to economics. The rich can still get rich, though, just not via economic predation on humanity’s Four Basic Needs…And for the record, again, I’m against the state owning the means of production.

Even within normative Christian theology, I can’t see how an argument can be made that this existence is GOOD! Why would a New Jerusalem be needed if that were the case? No, this place is now the home of metaphysical evil and although mainstream Christianity will take issue with my Gnosticism this much should not be in dispute.

Oh, yes, I should mention, too, that I’m not unaware of secular and materialist views on ethics and morals but it’s simply not the focus of this vlog.

Apologies for any mispronunciations:( In some areas I’m an idiot!


Santos Bonacci:

Theoria Apophasis:


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