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Satan, “the best tools I had at my disposal for defeating God were the faculties of reason and logic!”

I’m adding this video to this previous post because it’s entirely relevant. It seems Christendom would rather debate metaphysics from modern-day dungeons than unite around our slavery under USURIOUS ECONOMICS!

Again, I’m adding this here as it argues for what rational metaphysics is because Anthony’s metaphysics differ from mine but I do agree with him on economics as it relates to Christian cultures. I should mention, also, that I don’t think complexity in itself should be used as a justification for economic evil, or used to dismiss common-sense human decency like the idea of everyone having a home as a birthright.

What I’m saying in this video isn’t an indictment of Catholic people or Jewish people. All I’m saying is malevolent metaphysical archons have manipulated them.

Here is who Satan didn’t fool If we are to believe religionists: 2-billion Christians. 2-billion Muslims Lots and lots of Jews. It’s impossible to fool the Hindus. Buddhists don’t even believe in God so no go there. Damn this bitch can’t fool anyone:P If I were God I’d fire her!

The idea that the drive to reproduce is problematic from a spiritual perspective isn’t as absurd as it sounds. Would you like to guess why next to no one can reach enlightenment in Buddhism? The sexual mind…


The Economy Of The Promised Land

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