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A tad sloppy in places but overall I’m satisfied with the points I’m trying to make.

It is possible that the current system of ‘economic fascism’ with its fusing of the nation-state with corporate interests was the best that we could do?

It is possible that USURIOUS economics built upon Pyramid and Ponzi schemes was the best we could do?

Okay, it is possible that the current system is the best we could do. But I think I’ve argued overwhelmingly and beyond reasonable doubt on this website that humanity and especially Christendom could have done better than what we have now…

Here is the comment I made to a Youtube commenter called GOD IS LOVE:

Saying that God is Love without providing any evidence of it is vain and meaningless–as meaningless as Moses interacting with Pharoah using rhetoric and the Socratic method. Pharaoh would have been amused at best…and the N.T. is 100% clear that there is only one God of this earth: SATAN…If you don’t know that you simply can’t read. Satan’s primary mode of operation today is USURY on a scale never seen in the known universe. Satan (Yahweh) has proxy warriors doing his bidding today though. We likely won’t see him in person until the third temple is built.

A video arguing that in Christianity it is Satan who deceives the WHOLE world and the Whore of Babylon deceives the WHOLE world and not just South America:P

Riffvlog on The Devil Didn’t Fool Me…

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