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I’m crossposting Anthony’s blog here as it’s incredibly important! My two-cents (as that’s all most people will be able to earn after this) below.

The first large-scale media event to happen once the Inuit came to power over the last 70-years was the JFK assassination. I was only 4-years old so I have no memory of the specific event but I have researched the assassination a lot and it’s obvious the mainstream media’s official storyline is bullshit. But I could hazard a guess that the ‘screens’ never saw anything quite like it until Sept. 11, 2001. 

I was just past 40 and I watched the media coverage beginning about 30-minutes after it first hit the airways. I can tell you that I had one of those spiritual audibles upon seeing the second tower fall and it was visceral and without equivocation: ‘controlled demolition’…It was a surreal experience to observe firsthand the Global News coverage of the event and how the official narrative was obviously preplanned and orchestrated. The media became cop, judge, and jury within about 45-minutes of my first tuning it in. Please note that no country on earth (or their media) challenged the official story and that my friends is a huge part of why we are where we are today.

These two prior media orchestrated events have enabled these ‘megalithic monsters of mind-control’ to have full-reign over the minds of humanity in modernity and modernity’s ‘correct think’ is a type of gaming the narrative casino’. And no, they are not the only ones involved in this as the world’s academies are no longer places of integrity or truthfulness. I call it ‘Hackedemia’…See this post which is one of many where I flesh out my assertion in that regard.

One of the interesting aspects of this ‘media event’ is how incredibly powerful White German Christians have become since their utter annihilation in 1945! The Third Reichs victory over humanity, though, is something the media whores seemed to have omitted. Of course, I challenge this omission by asserting it isn’t White Germans conquering humanity but rather the Inuit! I’ve come to suspect that humanity is simply blind for not seeing this obvious truth and must, therefore, be the ‘blind who follow the blind!‘ I flesh this out here in a blog called, The Devil Didn’t Fool Me!

Freedom…Linked HERE.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I attempt to solve ‘freedom issues’ (liberty) in three ways. I suggest that one of the primary concerns of any society or culture is the ability to reach one’s full potential as an individual agent; the best way to achieve this is to make sure everyone has access to their basic needs of homes, food, education, and healthcare. I suggest that this is where classical liberalism went wrong and certainly neoliberalism is an epic failure in this regard–see THIS post as to why–but what I’m suggesting is property rights for everyone–although the capitalists say there is only enough land for billionaire banksters:P

Built into the New Commons are the conditions that would limit the necessity for violence– so it addresses the non-aggression principle. I don’t have to trespass on your property if I own my own by law. I don’t have to steal your food if I can learn to grow my own.

And lastly, it grounds Rousseau’s ideas within a society where people can make the best choices possible. A place where families and communities are highly valued and where the conditions that promote narcissism are lessened. A return, as much as possible, to a knowledgable and organized return to a relationship with the land should satisfy, in part, the romantic notions of Rousseau and this is done in many small communities today such as permaculture enclaves. And there is no good reason why we can’t use technology to help us achieve this: I’ve dubbed the idea as a techno-shire!  

Here’s the rub, though, and why none of this can happen; although with a caveat that this cosmology I’m premising these ideas on is speculative. We don’t have free will and we are not free agents from a spiritual perspective. We are imprisoned in what I call a ‘Demiurgic Control Grid’…

So, we are ruled by archons who have no concern for our desires or wishes and we’ve likely been trapped here over and over for a very long time. I’ve suggested in other posts that our condition of AMNESIA is more to do with technological memory control rather than the existence of historical notions of a soul.

Episode-3 in Season 3 of Westworld alluded to this very thing. Humanity isn’t dealing with supernatural magic that can deny the laws of physics but rather highly technical archons who are responsible for the technology we do have…In the same episode, they also mentioned how fragile and easy it is to tear down this system… They should know, eh?

             In the end, we only drink the metaphysical poison they pour down our throats!

Just a note that my critique of the media is linked to my critique of usury and mass homelessness. Issues the elite dismiss. Excuse me if some of us think that dismissal is toxic…


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