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                “Please reject usury as a soteriological method of salvation”

I’ll be doing upcoming vlogs on Distributism and Georgism (Henry George) but I want to make clear that any attempts to salvage Christian cultures from usury cannot come with a theocracy. In other words, the separation of church and state is still paramount.

The removal of usurious economics from Christendom CANNOT make the lives of Christians worse! I’ve said in the past that, in part, the failure of Christendom was a failure in Christian economics.

I’ll address women and sexual preference here, also…In my view, any attempts at re-establishing Christian cultures have to address the human rights and dignity of ALL people. So, women and sexual preferences have to fall under that idea.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I’ve suggested millions of decentralized micro-communities wherein people have a choice in which community they want to live in. This is done to prevent conflict in any particular group or an attempt to minimize conflict…

There is the separate issue of the ‘metaphysical status’ of these people and their relationship to God/s…But that is rightfully between God and these people and society cannot make legal injunctions against these demographics…From my view, the Aeon Christ was not openly rejecting anyone except for the usurers/money-lenders who make a mockery of the idea of God.

In the New Earth Commons, I still make room for usurious economics in a commercial and highly technical system. But not used in the ‘residential’ economy– where humanity’s four basic needs of shelter, food, education, and healthcare are no longer at the mercy of predatory economics–see the philosophy of Equalism, too, and ending predation on humanity’s basic needs is a foundational tenet of that philosophy.

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