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               ” learn to breathe underwater as you are going to need new skills in the years ahead”…

I woke up this morning with this word in my mind. A quick search proves it’s difficult to be original at anything these days so I can’t claim it. That said…

It could be argued that it was the biggest overreaction in human thinking and history when most governments around the world decided to shut down the economy because of a virulent strain of the cold virus that targets the elderly, young, and weak. And by the way, all the worlds scientists combined haven’t been able to come up with a vaccine for the cold virus in over a hundred years– I’d bet we are on the verge of another scientific miracle! Thank the GATE GOD’S:))) It should be noted, also, that about 2500 children die every day in every manner of horror and it never entered anyone’s mind to shut down the ability to trade goods and services on a worldwide scale.

Some of the stores are beginning to reopen but they are for the most part empty when I look in. Does anyone think this is going to recover in any meaningful way in the coming years? I think not! Anyone with half a brain isn’t going to spend on much other than necessities so I wonder what our fearless leaders are thinking in this regard? It certainly doesn’t seem to entail positive change and policies that would address all the horrors and mistakes of big finance over the past 100-years and especially over the last 30-years. Hack journalists like the CBC’s, Rex Murphy says that it’s wrong to even suggest such an idea. His view couldn’t be more misguided or misspent when we factor in who funds such stupidity…In fact, it’s the perfect time to fix what’s wrong with modernity and my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons is one avenue of exploration as is Henry George’s ‘Georgism’ and Distributism both of which I’ll be exploring in upcoming blogs. Will we get such positive change? Of course not! Why? Thanks for asking…the money lenders will never allow it. 

Let’s explore that last statement in the context of the ‘nightmareium’…I’d suggest firstly that the ‘monetization of everything’ was always a very bad idea. That making usury the foundation for economics was always also a very bad idea even though it was the ‘moneylenders’ who created modern Christianity which has become the ‘carnival barker grift show’ they so engineered it to become and this allowed them to open the doorway for usury and the casinoization of economics–it’s Ponzi and pyramid schemes all the way up and down now with cocaine and hookers as bonuses for the C.E.O.’s… I’ll link two of Miles Mathis’ blogs which he gets right– here and here. A note that I’m not interested in ‘The Big Lie’ when it comes to the elites and their endless bullshit. My concern and focus has always been the question of How Shall We Live? I explore that issue in my blog Metaphysics, Physics, and Ethics.

In short, I suggest the more complex a civilization becomes the more important integrity becomes the cornerstone and foundation of society. We now have the exact opposite: grift after grift after grift at the highest levels and unprecedented scales–none of it is sustainable. And throwing a basic income at people isn’t really going to solve much unless it’s combined with other initiatives which I explore in The New Earth Commons blog (see the link above). I’ve also been talking a lot about complexity lately and how it’s become a kind of code word for dismissing human decency in economics and used as a justification for the status-quo…Got IDW? Or, what I call the Intellectually Dishonest Web. I’d also strongly suggest listening to c.j.macq’s series on Equalism here which correctly understands the toxic nature of economic predation. 

And I’ll wrap this one up discussing special privilege given to the moneylenders and big finance through our current situation. Can I be blunt here: most people and especially average working people in the past 30-years have been targeted in every treacherous way imaginable by TPTB and are in debt-bondage. We now have this debt to pay while they’ve removed the ability to earn a living via the ‘virus’. Yes, you get oceanfront property in Arizona as a prize if you think these two trajectories are random; although they’ve also supplied ample amounts of vaseline for the masses to use as a lubricant in certain places while they rape you financially–think of this as a thank-you from the Rockefeller and Rothschild legacies…And make no mistake about who is to blame for this: you are, of course, and their neoliberal schools of spiritual propaganda will hammer the blame solely where it belongs: you alone and not them. So, we are not ‘All In This Together’ as the rapist can never be one with the raped. 

I’ll be doing an upcoming blog on what a Debt Amnesty based on Integrity would look like…Although I won’t hold my breath…

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