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This is a first in a mini-series on alternative economic initiatives that should be implemented as soon as possible. The future can be one of genocide and enslavement or we can choose to find a better way to live upon the earth–ways that are not founded on every imaginable economic grift.

One of the issues I’ll be dealing with is land trusts which, on the surface, are a good idea and I have no quarrel with them per se. But a cursory investigation leaves me with the impression that it’s just another place progressive liberals can feel good about themselves while denying the toxic harshness of the present economic system. It’s, for this reason, that I argue for a systemic solution as all the other solutions are doomed to fail the earth because of the issue of scale in the coming century. So, although my inclination to non-ownership based on my personal spiritual beliefs is valid and correct, in my opinion, I also recognize that this view also lets the archons drive tanks of usury and economic grift down the center of every civilization on earth–which is, of course, a death sentence for civilization.

I should mention also that the overarching framework for society should be Secular Pluralism. And from there the decentralized micro-communities can organize how they see fit. To my knowledge Christians should never commit violence towards those they disagree with and are not charged to create state-run theocracies: they were charged with setting up the conditions where they could be an example of GOODWILL on the earth. Anything else is the work of evil and I’ve said and can prove that Christendom in modernity is the work of the usurers which is why it is so toxic.


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