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                       “I know what you’re against, Andrew, but what are you for?”

Or, #BOO@6.66PM!

The Christian Churches worldwide should do a counter to the Kabbalist 7 PM B.S.!

Boo to the Kabbalist’s (Trump Inc.) and the Marxist’s (Soro’s Inc.) who are in the process of destroying Christendom! Boo to their usurious economics; boo to their rent-seeking; boo to their Ponzi Schemes; boo to their Pyramid Schemes; boo to their theft of your labor via a rediculous tax on income to pay for the usurious creation of their debt currency; boo to their porn; boo to their ubiquitous use of violence to get their childish ways; boo to spending 5-trillion on wars for Israel since 911; boo to their response to 911; boo to their fake media and psychological operations on humanity; boo to shutting down civilization because of a cold virus; boo to their dismissal of about 2500 children dying e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. d.a.y. in every kind of misery imaginable while at the same time implementing global fascism over the past 100-years; boo to their union of corporatism with the nation-state (fascism); boo to their surveillance state; boo to their police state; boo to their Military Industrial Complex; boo to Hollywood’s predictive programming; boo to loading up your communities with proxy warriors intent on destroying Christendom’s cultures; boo to the largest theft of the commons ever to take place (Corona P(l)andemic)and using media to say the real issue is racism; boo to hiring agent provocateurs to further manipulate their agenda; really, just boo @666 for every rotten, lousy, manipulation they’ve enacted since they’ve wrestled control of civilization from all those who are decent and caring human beings who just want to live their lives in peace without undue coercion or exploitation.

And BOO to their fake vaccine which will ‘magically’ appear by this winter after unsuccessful attempts over the past 100-years at creating one that works against these types of (common virus’)…

And BOO to them turning the teachings of Christ into what I call the Carnival Barker Grift Show’ that is American Christianity…

Here is what I am for:

Please see my four-part series on ‘What Should A Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like?’

I didn’t touch on what a ‘Debt Amnesty With Integrity’  should look like in that series so I’ll muse on that here for a moment. I concede that, for the notion to work, it would take people being honest about the debts they are in.

It’s going to be quicker and easier to work backward here. If someone feels the debt they owe came about with no undue influence; coercion; or exploitation, and they honestly feel that they were under no undue systemic pressure to take on debt then they should pay their debt back under the agreed-upon terms–if they have the means to do so.

BUT, if someone honestly feels that the debt they were in came about via treachery, coercion, exploitation, systemic pathology in finance, then they have an argument for debt amnesty based on integrity. I can guess that people who are forced into debt via sickness and such have a good argument for debt amnesty via integrity. I won’t go into all the possible scenarios where this might be the case as the blog would be never-ending. But, you might get the point I’m getting at.

One last point: when governments make it LAW that one cannot work and exchange their goods and services then a Debt Amnesty With Integrity DEMANDS that current debt is discharged as the goodwill of the system has been compromised; although a corrupt legal system has abandoned the ethics within Contract Law–one of the primary tenets IS goodwill and that both parties benefit from the agreement. Clearly, this isn’t the case under this current worldwide travesty enacted by usurious controlled governments…I tackled the issue of who is being given Special Privilege under the Virus Emergency…HERE

I’m, generally speaking, not a fan of ‘universalist’ ideas. Even in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I don’t argue for the abolition of usurious capitalism. I only argue that there should be four areas put off-limits to the worst impulses of capitalism: HOMES, FOOD, EDUCATION, AND HEALTHCARE…



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