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The primary focus of my blogging is exploring the question of How Shall We Live? In my, What Should A Climate Emergency Look Like, series, I suggested we will get the wrong implementation to that query. Civilization does need a new way of doing business and needs a solution for the masses at the bottom of the pyramid that doesn’t involve slavery and every type of economic predation juxtaposed to every imaginable unnecessary exploitation and coercion. WE DO NEED THIS! But it’s how we go about implementing it that is the real issue. And in that regard, the farce of the Covid-19 lockdown is an epic fail and manipulative disaster by our current ‘economic fascist’ nation-states–or, at least, the one’s who’ve implemented this backward lockdown. But let’s deal with some facts first. 

On average during the last 30-years, approximately  2500 children die a day in every imaginable misery possible and nation-states didn’t deem it necessary to shut down the world’s economy because of it. Alcohol and tobacco and substance abuse deaths per day in Canada are about 10 and that is well over the death toll of COVID which sits at about 7000 total deaths right now. So this worldwide economic lockdown premised on a strain of the ‘common cold virus’ which is lethal mostly to the elderly, and very young, was unnecessary and the worst over-reaction by the political elites in human history. 

The question, then, is was this arbitrary, random, and plain foolishness? Or, was it a part of a hidden agenda? For any thinking person, it’s the latter. So, what is the gig here? Well, in short, this was about protecting the structure of what I call the Unholy Trinity or the corporate economic-fascist transnational usury machine. All one has to do is follow the money and look to who benefits from this latest scam and heist of the commons. The corporations and their structure first and foremost as this wiped out most of the ‘mom and pop’ proprietors (including myself) who were simply trying to sketch out living separately from the corporate machine. It’s likely that if you need money now you’ll have to go to these predators to get it and that is no accident. 

It’s concretized the power of the political elites who have made a mockery of constitutions and civil rights and that is nowhere more evident then the current mass protests premised on racism or what should rightfully be called RAscalism. Got social distancing? NOPE! Don’t need it when the MSM promotes Cultural Marxism (Marxism devoid of economics) and identity politics which is 100% obfuscation and distraction away from the real issues. That isn’t to say humans are not racist but to ignore that the transnational plutocracy has thrown all the races together in an incredibly short period solely for-profit motives of the ‘economic fascist machine’ is sheer manipulative duplicity. 

Let me assure you that those controlling the strings of worldwide usury are on an unprecedented shopping spree buying up the wealth of the commons once again, at pennies on the dollar, and that is once again another unprecedented heist. And those fingers typing money into existence at the Fed and other central banks is nothing short of another way to line their pockets at the expense of future generations–so it’s a tax on those not even born yet– which goes to the sheer narcissistic selfishness and pathology of those pulling the money-strings at the top of the pyramid. 

I’ve said in past blogs that our political machine only serves and exists to maintain the corrupt structure at the top of the civilizational pyramid. One can read my, What Is Neoliberalism, in that regard. I’ve suggested that there are four primary pathologies that they are attempting to maintain control of and keep out of the public discussion, and they do this by obfuscation and distraction (among other tactics). 

  1. turning private property into usurious speculation and having the crown and government ‘steal’ and control the land primarily for their corporate resource extractions. 
  2. concomitant with this theft of the commons was the severing of people from their food production abilities which in reality made humanity dependent on the corporate nation-state to survive.
  3. the dumbing down of the masses via a corrupt education system and what is now arguably a usurious Hackedemia. Don’t get me on Hollywood, Wall St., and the MSM in that regard.
  4. ensuring the upper three create the most unhealthy and sick, addicted, mentally ill citizens as humanly possible. 

One can see three blogs I’ve written that address these issues.

What Should A Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? 

The Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. 

The Winter Solstice Golden Rule. 

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