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In this one, I talk about apophatic theology and how absurd it is to then pronounce that the war god Yahweh is the undefinable source! Got cognitive dissonance? You bet we do? I also mention how problematic nonduality is to Christians as the claim “I Am God” is entirely Luciferian from the perspective of Christendom. Not to mention how absurd the claim is in and of itself when there is no demonstration of anything that could back up the claim–so, from the perspective of Pragmatism, the claim is useless. Homeless schizophrenics are always claiming to be god–it doesn’t make it so.

I touch on how offensive Tikkun Olam is to two billion Christians and how entirely hypocritical it is to project these metaphysics on to people who DO NOT WANT IT! I clearly outline why doing so meets the definition of asshole. This is indisputable. I didn’t mention, but I will now, that I disagree with any and all historic injunctions against the Jews and I’ve said that in many other blogs and that NO ONE should commit violence against them. BUT, they refuse to see that Tikkun Olam is also a type of civilizational violence, and two wrongs never equal right!

Once again I find myself having to point out that speculative metaphysics isn’t science but rather pseudo-science which is why I always frame my discussions within this context as speculation– declaring things of this nature, otherwise, and, as science, is dishonesty, IMO…

Expo ’86 in Vancouver was when the demise of this city began and it is now a usurious nightmare. In his video, he mentioned the meaning of the word NATURE in Jewish numerology equals 6 and God equals 8 (infinity) and, of course, God comes first, so ’86…So it’s simply dishonest to declare I DINDU NUFFIN’ when in fact NO ONE has been busier!

BTW: I’m totally fine if we are to say the primary spiritual issue on earth is purity or sattva. Christians define this lack of purity as original sin although it’s a concept I disagree with as a gnostic. In that sense, the 613 Mitzvahs are useful tools as is the inner struggle of Jihad. But again, this is in no way science. So, Tony, in my opinion, is projecting a type of category error.

But, yeah…Sorry I couldn’t be perfect.




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