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Okay, these opinions come from two different streams. My western secular upbringing alongside a 43-year inquiry into the nature of reality that has led me to identify as a Christian Gnostic. They are not a perfect mesh. But know that the black-washing of gnostics of antiquity (by academia and others) came from mainly one sect: the antinomian Cainite’s who practiced every manner of inversion. I speak against this type of gnosticism all the time. I side with the Valentinian’s on number 1 although my stance has more to do with my modern secular upbringing.

For some reason, the ‘archons of the apocalypse’ are obsessed with these issues!

1) sex is awesome and if you don’t like it there’s probably something wrong with you.

2) all animals have sex in every imaginable way. There is no sin in sex, but there are cultural mores. Porn in and of itself isn’t necessarily evil; it would be systems of exploitation and coercion that make the act problematic. Tantra and the Karma-Sutra allude to the idea that all kinds of sex can be an avenue of spiritual enlightenment.

3) I suspect those against prostitution have hidden misogynistic tendencies.

Here is the rub though: all of these things should be premised on non-coercion and non-exploitation or voluntary associations. No one should be unduly coerced into any of these behaviors! Of course, in our world today, the whole economic system is premised on coercion and exploitation so there’s little chance that any of these actions could be healthy. In this system, at this time, regrettably, one inevitably is a pimp or a whore! What I’m saying here is if we had a healthy economic model those who use these methods to gain income would likely find better alternatives for work and their recreational activities. We can deduce from this that the numbers involved in these types of behaviors would plummet if people had better choices economically–I expand more on this HERE.

Also, in modern societies, the age of consent should be 19.

This post is not affiliated with any of the repressive toxic religious-political systems of our recent past!

Another point I make these days on these issues is that if the Christian Gnostics are right about the earth being a ‘maximum security prison’ then it seems to me that these issues can be classified as entirely missing the point! We might be better off inquiring about who and what the wardens are…Although I personally don’t have a problem with sexuality, in general, I do see where the gnostics were coming from when they suggested to abstain from sex. It would be a rational continuation of the idea that the earth is cursed. This really isn’t that far removed from the ascetic practices espoused in the Vedas or other sects of spirituality that believe in immanence, or what Wilber calls a descending worldview. Yes, I hold an ascending spiritual view so I understand that some might accuse me of being contradictory on this issue. But I was raised secularly and that has stayed with me.

And as for Christendom in general in 2020? They have thoroughly embraced usurious economics so it’s peculiar what sin they get enraged about.

2021: if the porn industry thinks they can do ‘ethical porn’ while the rest of humanity is living under ‘financial rape economics’ then they are more delusional than I would have thought.

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