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Anthony put up another blog and I’d like to expand on my comment which I’ll add here:

Hi, Anthony. I finally figured out how to do this. Me Luddite:-P I, too, am also advocating for the end of usury and economic predation in four areas: housing, food, education, and health-care…Or, humanity’s basic needs. I’ve recently done a series on What Should Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? Where I cover Distributism, Georgism, The Social Credit (the good kind/interest-free credit)…I also muse on my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. Keep up the good work! Oh, yes…I just wanted to mention that I find it counter-productive to attack differing metaphysical views and we should unite where we can agree–on getting rid of economic predation as outlined in c.j.macq’s philosophy of Equalism.

I won’t spend time on Icke as I’ve covered that ground HERE…

I’d like to touch on the idea of Judean/Christian values. I’m not even sure how this is possible as the two religions are antithetical and opposed to each other. The only thing I can say in that regard is to delineate metaphysics from culture as a starting point. But let’s explore that a little. If Judaism cared at all about Christian values they would remove *usury from Christian cultures immediately (along with a few other things)…This alone makes the idea untenable and duplicitous. I’ve said in other posts that if you are 100% aware that someone doesn’t want something and you project it onto them anyway then it simply makes you an ass-hole. So, please, link the countries where Jews and Christians live together without usury and I’ll shut-up.

There is also that tiny nagging little issue of Christian families (and communities) being decimated while at the same time Jewish families have never been more cohesive. It doesn’t look at all to me that there is a shared common interest in this regard. Really, is that Judean Christian values? Yikes…

In My Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I argue for a rational compromise on the issue so I must be an insane pragmatic centrist! I’ve even suggested that capitalism might work better if everyone had their basic needs covered and were not preyed upon by a corrupt economic model. Of course, there is the issue of motivation and we would need healthier incentivization combined with an education system premised on teaching self-sufficiency throughout the primary school years along with every student learning economic literacy. 

What makes my ideas different than Marx is the foundation for the New Commons should be based on something like Distributive ideas in regards to private-property rights–so, everyone would have access to a small piece of private property as a birth-right. I also don’t advocate for the violent overthrow of the oligarchy and believe they should be taught about healthy boundaries because that to me is one of their primary pathologies. So I’ve taken into account the Non-Aggression Principle and Volutarianism. So we can still have the rich and not so rich: it’s simply that the not so rich get guaranteed a minimum standard of living at the basic needs level. 

Please read Anthony’s conclusion section over and over as he is entirely correct about this.

And lastly on ecology and the environment and the near-total incompatibility of usurious economic models living in harmony with the earth’s ecosystems. I’ve spent quite a bit of time blogging on this issue and anyone is welcome to mine my site in that regard. 

I’ve been meaning to get to Propertarianism but the COVID thing isn’t allowing me the time. I’m in full agreement, though, that civilization needs more truth and less duplicitous bullshit…

NOTE: it won’t do at all to remove usury and replace it with something worse. 

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