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Hi, HERE is the first post in this NEW SERIES!

Today I laid down 3/8 birch subfloor over the Relfectix. I was thinking of doing vinyl plank but have changed my mind and I’m going with 18″ by18″ peel and stick carpet squares…

It’s easy to maintain and easy to replace so low maintenance with less weight and some insulation to boot. I’ll likely try them on one wall of the van, too, after I insulate. I’ll be starting that tomorrow and will use hard but flexible polystyrene.  I’ll use fiberglass batt in those tiny hard to get places.

The one thing I’ve decided against is using glues against the metal of the van as I hear it creates a nightmare down the road when it’s hot. And I didn’t use screws into the metal floor, either. There won’t be much spare room in the van so everything will be weighted down anyway…

Here are some pics of today’s adventures…

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