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Okay, so today was Maxx-air fan day…These things are out-of-stock everywhere but I managed to find one at North Shore RV (thanks!)…

I could have done this myself but with my neck injury I try to limit the overhead work I do and sawing through the metal isn’t easy for an ole geezer:-P

So, CL…and an immediate very well priced install that I’m thrilled with…Once I decide on SOLAR I’ll hook it up and that should be by the first week of September.

I’m thinking of going with a 150 Watt Poly Panel and two 6-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries and also run a wire with a switch from the main starting battery or alternator. There will be 2-circuits in the back: one for the fan and one for the dimmer lighting. The front panel has a 3-prong house plug so I’ll likely use the front passenger foot area for the electric cooler…

I’ll decide on the heat later but at this point, I’m thinking propane ceramic…

So next is insulating the back passenger sidewall…MAXX !

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