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Okay, the bed is in and on hinges so I can get full access to the stuff stored underneath. I put a shelf up top where I can keep a row of things in baskets. I can mark what is in them on the front face. I’m going to paint it dark grey tomorrow and do an upper shelf on the passenger side. A hinged desktop will go underneath and I can sit on the bed and work on the computer.

I’ve started insulating the ceiling and used two-sided gorilla tape to help keep the insulation up. I’ll likely finish it down the road with some thin painted birch plywood.

I laid the first rug tile in and will lay the rest after I finish painting.

Next year I’ll do the two side walls and the bed more professionally but this will get me through September and October. I’ll find a cheap room for the winter. I can only live in the van between May and October because of my nerve damage but having it set up this much allows me to do what the Rockefeller legacy wants and that’s to drive as much as possible. They just could never allow a little local business wherein I only put on about 5000-kilometers a year. WE CAN’T HAVE THAT…Look to who is winning under the COVID lockdown and you’ll see all the usual suspects. Need your food wrapped in plastic? Every damn bit of it now!


I’ll do my last Riffvlog later or tomorrow and I’m going to cover COVID and signed contracts which shouldn’t be worth the toilet paper they are written on. But, of course, the usurers won’t see it that way.


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