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Okay, eh…here is the 2nd demo of this 3rd Van-life song called Kookoo. It’s now electric where it should be…Headphones are best as it’s not mixed pro yet…
Some of you may not know that I’m a guitarist/songwriter (and philosopher) who does what he can with this thing called a voice. So, no, I’m not a vocalist!

Once again I’m kind of digging it!
I recorded and mixed and did the vid. In a day in the van! I did what I could with it and I’ll likely send the raw tracks to Rick shortly so he can do a pro mix on it and do bass and a better drum track.

Van-life SONG-4 is written and it’s my first country song! I’ll post a live version of it shortly Hank!

Van-life SONG-5 is written inspired by Dave and the dog he is training: Thela…Called, Multi-Trigger Blues! I know someone here who’ll likely get this one:)

I’d be grateful for some support out there in the finance dept.!

Oral hygeine in the van:

oral hygeine.jpg
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