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This is my first country song! I couldn’t have written it in a better setting, I think. And that is not fake rain as it’s hammering the roof of my van as I record! This one goes out to the Mission, B.C. shoe repair shop. Thanks for the inspiration:)
I’ve found a way to record with the Zoom Q8 in here that works well with Logic Studio so I can keep keeping on.
The November monsoons hit yesterday and it’s a soaker but they always warm the air up so there is an upside. The coast has two primary winter weather patterns and this is one of them with the other clear and chilly. The anomaly here is the all-out winter storm with snow and we’ll get it I’m sure but generally, that anomaly doesn’t last more than a week and then it’s back to one of the other two.

The real upside here is I didn’t have to listen to the non-stop endless bullshit of the screen with its Elite Election. We know who wins—POLI (many) ticks (bloodsuckers) Hey, Miles has a few hundred pages on the Manson psy-op that is very much worth reading. The death forensic pictures clearly look like she is posing and don’t look at all like a body that has been dead for 12-hours. But I don’t buy that his ’spooks’ are only human intelligence agents—they are something other than that, and if that is true then faking a death might be easier than Miles suggests. Also, in light of this post, it might be worth reading his assessment of the modern country music business…
At any rate, I see it all as the ‘great revealing’ but sometimes I think I’ve seen too much:-P

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