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            ‘Did quote the raven:Kookakoo’

This video is documenting my Van Life that started on September 1st, 2020 and was a consequence of COVID economics which I view as more *economic predation by fascist elites. That aside…
The song KooKoo (the 3rd Van-life song) was written and inspired by a RAVEN who sang kookakoo every morning in the forest..oh vey! Hey, ya take the inspiration when and where ya find it:) It’s not a pro mix (I’m not a vocalist) and the song needs bass and a good drum track and then it should be good to go! For now, I suggest listening via headphones:)
The van build I did by myself except for the Maxxair install. After six weeks I decided to move the desk behind the driver’s seat and turned the rear passenger side into the mini kitchen and the van lays out better this way especially when you’re living inside more because of the colder weather.
This is all in the Frazer Valley in British Columbia…
Solar and Webasto diesel heater still to come:)
I did end up pulling most of the pink insulation and went with the spray foam instead. So far there isn’t a hint of moist condensation but I am plugged into a nice dry ceramic heater so it’s darn cozy in here. I think it ended up looking something like an 1890’s marine look. I kept it simple: no to little glues; very few holes into metal (so far) and minimal weight as I skipped draws and cabinets and used baskets with bungee chords as tie-downs—absolutely nothing moves even on the bumpy off-roads. Next year I’ll finish the ceiling with 1/8 inch birch plywood sprayed with a hi-gloss clear varnish. I was going to go with wood laminate but decided on the grey floor tile rug which was the right decision for me.

This next part is directed towards all of Christendom but could be considered by other religions. If Buddhists think the present economic model is in alignment with right livelihood and right action then they are entirely deluded.

  • It’s pretty well pointless and useless to continue to attempt to convince humanity that they’ve been manipulated and coerced into committing ‘economic spiritual crime’ in what I call ‘the age of the economic jackel’…These same archons use these corruptions to keep you bound to their corrupt reincarnation template. Ya ain’t getting outta here while you continue to listen to their non-stop endless bullshit—especially in the arena of finance! One thing is certain though: Epstein and Weinstein are laughing their asses off on their 5-star estates while watching the imprisonment of the masses under COVID…You don’t hear about those guys anymore, do you? The narrative is now fully controlled—rhymes with flu…

The coming economic apocalypse for the masses will only be settled via another worldwide conflagration as it’s the only tool in the archon box so prepare yourselves.
I have endless suggestions on my website that are a better alternative but a two-year 2000-a month basic income is a must with ALL restrictions from earning and making money removed and at the same time create better incentivization…People who’ve had their lives businesses wiped out don’t want to be told to get a job cleaning toilets for the people who created this mess…And the archons KNOW THIS! So it’s all about setting up the conditions for war.

Just a not on journalism in Kanada: they say it’s better to be financially raped by government COVID policy than murdered! Well, no shit, but that ain’t saying much. And the narratives surrounding COVID economics in the media omit the near-complete corruption of the present system while once again blaming the victims concomitant with building a ’no-talk wall’ around the real perpetrators of this fiasco!

I’ll leave you with a muse from the Vedas:

“When society reaches a stage, where property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion, the sole bond between husband and wife, falsehood, the source of success in life, sex the only means of enjoyment, and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion…” Then we are in the age of Kali Yuga. We live in Kali Yuga and will for 432,000 yrs. When Kali Yuga ends, the yuga cycle begins again with Krita Yuga(Satya Yuga).

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