Andrewmarkmusic: decoding the headlines
and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

This one has more of my misadventures into the genre of jazz.
I’m attempting to flow lines smoothly through the changes.
There is a cool little enclosure exercise at the end which is very much worth learning.

Miles was writing about Weinstein and made a LMAO comment about AmeriKA being a nation of laws and I do get what he means but it was seriously funny when considered against the backdrop of his oeuvre. The world is living under spiritual lawlessness right now and no more so than in the religion of money and finance. It’s where my work meshes with his. I’ve touched on antinomianism previously so I won’t get into it here.

This financial lawlessness is the smoking gun for knowing that Christianity in modernity is faker than %^& and owned by the usual suspects. No true Christ-like person would rent-seek or seek economic rents; would become money-lenders; would steal the surplus-value of another’s labor and on and on with an endless jizz grift and nothing could be more demiurgic.

No matter the biological status of the Corona (King) virus the economics surrounding COVID were long-planned out by the scriptwriters even to the point where the ‘miracle vaccine’ will be ready just as COVID income support ends In Kanada…

But the Elite get infected with the virus and then go on to be masters…You really can’t make this bullshit up! Oh, wait…yes you can.

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