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I wrenched my left wrist in August via a brutal move-out of my apartment and 3-months later it’s on the mend–this helps!

This is where I keep clean, too…3 months without a hot bath or shower! In some ways, I’ve never felt cleaner. Washing my hair in this stream has given me the cleanest hair I’ve ever had and it feels like silk afterward–it stays clean for about 3-weeks. I’ll do a video on the right day at noon soon when the snow hits and when the sun is shining.

My adventures and misadventures in this series are 100% the result of COVID economics which is all predatory. I now call it DIVOC-91! Do your own research about what that means in esoteric lore.
Of course, the lamestream media is censoring out the data of the casualties and body count of DIVOC-91 economics and that body count has to be substantial in places like India. In places like Kanada, the casualty is simply more and more homelessness which is just neoliberalism ramped up on crack…In other words, the corporate fascist nation-state is using DIVOC -91 to implement further and rapid fascist economics…

Star Gazing:

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