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This is an addition to my yearly series where I explore Judaism. I’m equally as critical of all the other religious traditions so I don’t think I’m picking on any ONE group more than any other.

           ‘Any guesses why Fauci looks like the wizard in OZ?’

The usual caveats here: no one should harm or hate the Jews. . I’ve met many of them and on aggregate they are decent enough in and of themselves so the issue is, in fact, one of a larger cosmic drama in which they are simply pawns.

Indeed, they are metaphysical victims suffering from Stockholm Syndrome and Battered Wife Syndrome deceived by cosmic entities who embrace every manner of spiritual wickedness…AKA Yahweh the Demiurge and the Elohim Archons who are also the slave masters of humanity. It’s true to say that Yahweh IS the Christian Devil and the Father Of Lies. 

So what happened 2000-years ago and why did the RCC invent a fictional version of the cosmic aeon spirit of ALL truth—The Living Christ? It’s worthwhile noting that the RCC came up with much of their theology after murdering most of the Gnostics and Marcionites. Good job guys!

Well, I’ve just told you why. They created this false Jesus, in part, from their ‘nephilim archon’ bloodline lore (Caesar is the son of god, etc.) and astrotheology mythology— and to obscure the truth about the aeon-christ they made up the story of the Jewish Jesus—the very last thing the Aeon Christ would ever consent to because it came to this earth to confront the demiurgic archons who rule over this place. This isn’t to say that the children of Yahweh will not send their replicant Christ in the form of a political savior generally known as the anti-christ in normative Christendom. It will and nothing can stop that from happening. Anyone who thinks seeking political power is healthy spirituality is deeply deluded and are practicing spiritual falseness or foolishness. 

Some things you should ask yourself: if Jesus is Jewish then how did he fail to teach the Jews the difference between 3 and 1 over 3500 years? Is it really that hard to do for God? He couldn’t have mentioned to the Jews he’s Tripartite right from the beginning? And to not do so, IMO. is to make a mockery out of the proclamation in the Torah to ‘come let’s reason together’…

Why is Satan his sergeant in the O.T. and his primary antagonist in the N.T.? When did he become Satan? Who was the snake in The Garden Of Eden if Satan was serving God at the time (The Book Of Job)? If Satan was a liar from the beginning then that jives with the Yaldabaoth version of Satan but certainly not the normal Christian story which has Satan being the most perfect angel and NOT a liar from the beginning—but Yaldabaoth was.

 Why did he change his mind about the law? Is it an eye for an eye or do you turn the other cheek? From all my research the coming Noahide Laws will be more an EYE FOR AN EYE…IOW’s heads are gonna roll! 

Why did he send magi from the religion of Zoroasterism to witness his birth—this is senseless from a purely Judaic perspective on a Jewish Jesus. Why the need to have sex with an underaged Jewish girl as a method of salvation? Surely the gnostic trinity of father/mother/son is far more coherent than the all-male trinity?

 Why are Christians today ubiquitously practicing economic spiritual crime via usury, economic rents, nepotism, cronyism, the theft of labor via surplus value? Yes, that RV shop charging 185.00 per hour while paying the mechanic 40.00 is spiritual theft—fine…Just don’t declare yourself Christian for if you do you are deeply and seriously deluded and are practicing the opposite of integrity—that a Jewish atheist understood this and you don’t is beside the point— but Marx was a Rothschild insider so he knew finance and how it worked.  

Did the Jewish Jesus say that it’s okay to charge a cut of the vig to goy Christians? Why would the presumably Jewish Yeshua of the Torah forbid usury only to embrace it for his church under capitalist Christianity? Why would he enslave his church and why does the church concern itself with everything BUT NOT the issues surrounding how Christians should live economically? I guess one could argue that in old Torah times he said it was okay to loan at interest to some goyim but there is zero coherent explanation for why he would change his mind and embrace usury for his church today…At least not that I can see. But what kind of Christianity is that? This makes no sense unless Christianity today is controlled by the demiurgic archon offspring and it surely is. There is only one view of the devil that makes any sense whatsoever within the context of it being a deceiver of the WHOLE world—that is the demiurgic Yahweh one. Or maybe Satan only offered Jesus Kalifornia during his trials in the desert.

 I’ve also pointed out how inept it was for god to name his favorite place on earth IS-RA-EL (Egyptian/Canaanite Gods and Goddesses)…Wouldn’t it have been better to name your fave place Wisconsin or something so there is no possible way to draw a connection to a supposed archenemy? 

Why was the O.T. Jesus so ambivalent about afterlife punishment but became an obsessed lunatic in the N.T wanting to viciously punish anyone that didn’t believe his edicts for eternity? Are the Gods really this schizoid? 

We now know there was no Nazareth in the given time frame……no slaughter of the innocents (or in Egypt)…no first handwritten accounts as they happened. Zero records of an Exodus in Egypt—

no slaves in Egypt and no mass Exodus and Miles Mathis is correctly documenting that they are and have always been the perpetrators of mischief upon the earth and not the victims in the way Yahweh’s religion teaches. And that’s why they were confronted by those representing the Pleroma. One might want to consider how amazing a Jewish-run Hollywood is when it comes to creating grand works of fiction– no one can rival them in that regard. More on this HERE.

This brings us to today’s situation where they have black-washed Christians (men, especially through their men are pigs agenda); turned Christendom into a ‘carnival barker grift show’ while dissecting it into about 33,000 schisms— most all Yahweh and Israel friendly (not a random occurrence). It’s not an accident that almost every city in the world has Jehovah’s Witnesses outside on the streets. I won’t get into what a toxic pile of poop that sect is as many have done it already but once again is the creation of the masonic agents of chaos in modernity. 

NO! There was only ever one way Christian’s could have protected themselves from this spiritual den of thieves and it’s clearly outlined in the *Book Of Acts and that was to pool their money, talents, and resources and buy land and live on it in a shared agreement—one that didn’t use usurious methods of finance. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY to mitigate the damage to Christians by the agents of chaos while living on a demiurgic controlled earth. **So private property IS the key to living here and Marx was an agent once again inverting the truth. Now, of course, there are still a few sects within Christendom who live like this but it’s an incredibly small percentage and nowhere near enough to stop the widespread carnage to the church—or what little remains of any semblance of cosmic and metaphysical truth within it. 

This brings us to COVID economics which is Jewish usury ramped up on crack…In fact, the corporate control of the government is by definition fascism and it’s what we are dealing with perpetrated by professional liars on all the screens. But be sure that their families bonds have never been tighter (see the Fasci symbol in Congress) while your families have likely been splintered into oblivion; and this method of divide and conquer was also used culturally, we are now divided into millions of micro-beliefs, and can’t unite about anything other than their manufactured consent via the sports and entertainment complex which are branches of worldwide financial usury. 

Just a note on ***materialist philosophies in modernity. It might behoove one to seek out the family ties of all the major players within this field of inquiry in the past few centuries and I can guarantee you they all have links to the peerage and today control most if not all the academies including the dismal Christian ones—go Israel but pay the tuition first! It seems the Demiurge has no problem with humans not believing it exists and this was documented in the movie The Usual Suspects. I guess one way out of the Catch 22 the Jewish people find themselves in is to deny spiritual reality altogether. 

Of course, has offered up many avenues of correction in regards to their Catch-22 situation but they are ALL ignored and dismissed by the agents of chaos and that’s a huge ego-trip on their part. The ego truly is their stumbling block. In fact, they have targeted me via vicious and dirty tactics over the past three years but that is only the ramping up of the targeting that started 30-years ago likely in retaliation for choices I made in 1979…Sheer assholery on their part so I have little sympathy for them. Ego is a foundational area of inquiry in eastern philosophies and you might have just found out why but one thing is for certain: modernity and its financial machine is the antithesis of right-thinking and right action and is definitively the opposite of prajni or wisdom. It’s likely why they co-opted Buddhism assuming it wasn’t an archon project, to begin with. 

I guess I have to address this masonic Jesus bloodline theory as posited by Dan Brown—an alternate type of Gnostic assertion. I’m not buying it as the bloodline relatives of Jesus seem just as deaf, dumb, and blind to economics as anyone else. But hey, Jesus relative bro…hit me up and I’ll help you out in that regard! As a Christian Gnostic, I think the last thing the Aeon Christ would want or do is to have children here in this literal demiurgic shit show. . This also gets into Kabbalah (Jewish Gnosticism which is also Freemasonry) and Tikkun Olam which I reject as a Gnostic. It also comes from a Jewish line of argument that Jesus was a Rabbi and would have had to have a wife…yadayaddayadda. Look, I’m open to being wrong about this but at some point, it would be helpful if someone could do something clear and effectively GOOD against the usurers and their systems of entrapment. 

In the end, as a Christian Gnostic, I would argue, as the Persian Gnostics did, that a grand secular culture wherein everyone has a property right by law is the best way to live here (and to help guarantee liberty and freedom) and would help assure that humanity’s four basic needs of food, shelter, education, and healthcare are not left to toxic and predatory mechanisms and undue exploitation and coercion. I’ve even proffered up many compromises the system could make (but won’t) when it comes to this and that they won’t (but could) only argues for the truth of my metaphysics! It also asks the question of why God didn’t make enough land for everyone to have a home as a birthright. Too difficult a thing for God to do I guess. And from a Secular point of view, I see NO GOOD reason not to end predatory aspects of capitalism as the system would likely work better if the bottom of the pyramid was healthy. 

Again, every Jewish person should have a small piece of land as a birthright just like everyone else, so I don’t see how this post can be categorized as anti-anything other than greed and bad economics. Look, I don’t believe the official stories of the land-bridge theories of the aboriginals. Does that make me anti-aboriginal? Should I be censored, censured, fined, thrown in jail for NOT believing certain historical narratives? As a Christian Gnostic, I simply don’t believe the official historic narratives of the 3-major religions and the Hebrew people. 

* as a Christian Gnostic I believe that the Bible is an archon work of fiction when it comes to any serious metaphysical issues. But truth can be found within it. 

** this would be a proper role for a modern nation-state: to ensure the property rights of all and not let nefarious actors take your land via coercive use of force. South America via the economic hitmen of  The Chicago School Of Economics

was a brutal killing field in recent history in this regard as one example—the second wave of madness from the initial colonization by this same neoliberal global mafia. I suspect N.A. will see the second wave of fascist theft as COVID economics plays out in the coming decades. 

Of course, the toxic corporate nation-state has stolen land all around the earth via a violent pathological madness and today its primary agenda is to protect the oligarchs and Jewish intellectual ideas (Cultural Marxism et al and it’s uncanny how COVID aligns so much with left Marxist ideology—it pretty well took over the screens in the first 3-months of this fiasco). But it’s a one-two punch as we are also living under Kabbalist machinations on masse. See Dybbyk which is COVID backward—DIVOC-91: a parasitic spiritual entity much like COVID and is well known in Hebrew folklore. 

*** I think it’s likely that the archon families are lying about some very significant things within physics. I sit in the ‘they are lying about many small things’ rather than one big one (flat earth as an example) but I’ve also pointed out that complexity opened the door for bullshit baffling brains and was an easy avenue into deception. Of course, the remedy for this should have been integrity at the highest levels, but we now have the exact opposite of that under rule by global oligarchs. 

See Ken Wheeler talking about wisdom as it pertains to society from the view of Plato’s Republic. 

I’ve also noticed the tendency within Jewish intelligentsia to always up the ante within intellectual abstraction and I’ve come to think it’s not genuine but another tactic of obfuscation. I say all the time that intellectual abstraction should not get to trump simple moral decency. And they have once again infected culture with more of Jordan Peterson’s ‘you’re to blame for your life’s condition’ and not the people who are robbing you…

a god who is all-knowing and all-powerful and who does not even make sure his creatures understand his intentions — could that be a god of goodness?

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