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This is part-5 of my yearly Winter Solstice/Golden Rule series.

2020: the Christian elite clergy have betrayed the sheep! Not surprising, really…That *tithe should have gone to buying land for congregations so there would have been a place to protect the sheep from the economic wolves. Where did it go instead? Mansions and Lear Jets for those who have been corrupted by the enemies of Christ. Another inversion of spiritual truth. Let me assure you: what’s known as charity under oligarchic Christianity makes those with knowledge of the Pleroma want to…puke! And that is mild. But once again, even such Christian structuralism (should it have existed)  would have needed an overarching Secular Order to protect the Christian sheep from predators–the proper and healthy role of state governance–to protect private property rights while mitigating or making illegal predatory and usurious mechanisms within the financial sphere. Not everyone has the knowledge of Christ and coercion is anathema on the spiritual path which is why a Secular Order is the only structure that would work from a spiritual point of view. So Christians who seek political Dominionism on earth are deluded in much the same way that Judaism is when it seeks political power on earth–this is false spirituality. The rejection of Islam is obvious when viewed from this perspective.

NOTE* I’m not arguing for the legitimacy of the tithe here but rather suggesting where it should go and how it should be used if implemented.

On the video: if a Christian woman wants to become a lawyer (or anything else) then it needs to be worked out with mutual consent—but the foundational structure of Christian culture has to be private property for all as a birthright. See the Christan teaching of DISTRIBUTISM…

Christian Economics: Christendom’s children should be creating every type of widget they can imagine and selling them thereby creating real value for their communities. Their businesses should avoid, as much as possible, the corporate model as it exists today–they should seek an alternate template. Within their ecclesiastical centers, the tithe and offerings should be pooled to buy large swaths of land for the community. Homes should be built without usury via templates like how the Amish build (or Habitat for Humanity) or there should be loans made without interest to build them thereby ending all manner of rent-seeking. How other people live and act economically should not be their focus; but rather, they should focus on HOW THEY SHOULD LIVE…My own view is that each dwelling built is the private property of the individual/s living in the home with agreements signed that the homes not be used for speculative economics or investments but rather the base for the long-term survival and well-being of the family within the general mores of Christian values.

Some thoughts in 2019 which I’ll add here. The move towards post-secularism and movements like post-modern conservatism conveniently omit or cherrypick from religious ideology. So we get undue focus on bad ideas like the ‘chosen people’ while dismissing good ideas like the sabbath and the Jubilee (debt resetting). Christians focus on abortion or homosexuality while ignoring the vast swaths of the homeless in their communities while also embracing usurious capitalism. If this era could be summed up in a few words I’d call it a lack of common sense. My Golden Rule economics is simply addressing the foundations of what any healthy economy would look like: basic needs would not be open to predatorial actions and actors. A healthy education system would focus through to grade 12 on making sure everyone learns how to take care of themselves via knowledge of how to grow food and build shelters and that land would be reopened to intelligent homesteading. 

 By now you could be sensing a problem: if higher dimensions of existence are real; or, at the very least, if more advanced evolutionary beings exist in this 4-D universe, and they exist via voluntary associations, then why are we practicing and normalizing things like unnecessary exploitation and coercion which go against our long-term best interests? This conditioning has effectively made us prisoners! We’ll get into who the wardens are as we move along in this series.

A note here for all the materialists: even if you’re correct and humans end up being an inconsequential cosmic fluke I would still argue that the Golden Rule, as understood in these posts, is still relevant and humanities best way forward as far as survival of the species and survival of life in general on this planet. The rest of this series will explore what a Golden Rule economy would look like.

In my last post, I touched on the desert mid-east northern hemisphere solar origins of Judaism and I’ll briefly touch on the Solar aspect of Christianity here. I should mention first, though, that the literal historicity of these myths is dubious at best and non-existent at worst. What’s a fact though is that the warring tribes within Judaism by the first century A.D. had every reason to replace a physical temple with a symbolic one. And this appears to be exactly what happened: the Judaic solar tradition simply got renewed in the form of Christendom–and also Islam which would succeed in formalizing a totalizing theocratic method of control which had its roots in Babylon, and we’ll touch on that in the next post. The main point is that the State control of religious experience which began in Babylon continued within the Roman Empire and the solar (and lunar) aspects of these religions are unmistakable. So, December 25th is the day the sun rises from 3-days of darkness.

The rest of this series will explore the reasons why having an economic system premised on unnecessary exploitation and coercion (almost always maintained by force and violence) was and always will be a bad idea–in fact, a very bad idea!

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