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2020: I can’t really do much better in explaining the C(K)abal better than I did last year so I’ll leave it at that. The video has an age-restriction on it, though, so one might have to work around that issue. This year I’ll expand on SMALL ‘C’ CONSERVATISM. See 23:09 of the video. I mentioned that I’m 100% in favor of an over-arching secular order but I’m against the economic liberalism that came along with it especially within the past 70-years as it devolves into fascism—power gets centralized into an oligopoly under liberal economics. Having said that about secularism I’ve also argued that what has happened in that name isn’t really true—the Freemasons may be ‘secular’ but they are far from atheist and have implemented money magic on a scale never seen before. 

This series is aimed at Christendom so the answer there is ‘small c conservatism’ and not the current conservatism of maintaining a fascist order or what I’m calling ‘lipstick fascism’ and also not religious conservatism that fetishize’s the nation of Israel. 

What I’m getting at is intelligent Neo-homesteading…But not the atomized lone-wolf type that populates Youtube. The money-lenders back this type because it’s so atomized that it’s not a threat to their system. But they are against most any attempt to transform these ideas into a community because with community comes the possibility of social resistance to the oligarch’s power-structures. 

To my knowledge, there isn’t one alternative eco-community in Canada! That tells you everything you need to know about who runs this country, especially when considering that it’s legal to charge 60% interest on loans here! 2+2 equals a country founded on usurious practices. I think America does have some of these alternate types of communities and they get bonus points for that. 

I’m suggesting that the crown reopen land again to the people under the conditions that it’s cultivated with intelligence and competence and I think a new education branch should be opened to help guide people on how to live on the land productively and sustainably. The homestead laws that were in place here got shut down in the ‘60s and the crown land given over to the corporate machine for resource extraction for the big corpse. Of course, the usurers were the lobby for this as they closed another door for those seeking not to pay their rents and interest—they simply demand that we do—and we should say NO!

I usually add some jazz to this one but I’ll add some F-Blues on the 12th installment this year. 


I’m halfway through again:) Some points of clarification. This one is likely more coherent than 2017’s because I had just come off 8-months of opium painkillers although today I was having to deal with a mild version of my very particular type of seasonal disorder which did lead to some flawed pronunciation.

It may seem like a contradiction when I critique the use of metaphysics implemented in the economic and societal sphere (caste system or Kabbalah)… The difference, though, I think, is that what I’m suggesting is a healthy and minimal usage of a spiritual idea and I’m not suggesting irrationalities like the caste system, or the lawlessness of Kabbalism, which should not get instantiated into culture.  I get that the scientific socialists (Marxists) will take issue even with what I’m saying although I believe it can be done rationally within the scope of economics. I also disagree with them that the nation-state should control the means of production. What I’m suggesting is a small ‘c’ conservatism which would break up monopolies, enact anti-trust laws, end real-estate speculation, end unlimited personal income wherein over a certain amount the rest goes back into funding the commons. Laws would be enacted that made the predatory behavior of humanity’s basic needs illegal. These all fall under the rubric of what might be termed conservative spiritualism within the economic sphere of influence. 

The last note: the top of the human pyramid is enmeshed with the spiritual archons from my experience because my episode included the banksters using the scoring system as a method of targeting me for debt (toxic use of credit profiling)  and the insurance companies were involved and committing lawlessness by dishonoring signed contracts I had with them. But that is the Modus-Operandi of the neoliberal order which transfers the cost of sickness and suffering onto the individual. In other words, it’s predatory…What I’m saying is money, finance, debt, and usury is the human face of the archon agenda.

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