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“Bartender, I’ll have a Double Dualist!” So, yes, there is an ontological divide between mind and matter and this earth and the Pleroma (Godhead)…

2020: below will be a video of the best overview of Advaita and Dvaita that I’ve come across… by Swamiji…

My critique of the Non-dual schools: it totalizes and universalizes experiences within the consciousness of talking monkeys and that has always seemed like an over-reach to me. These experiences could be local to this earth.

I don’t see much difference between non-duality and simulation theory: there is no way to ever know for sure that you are in a sim or that this existence is a dream. So, it seems to me, this uncertainty about the nature of reality would always exist here and there could be no resolution from these experiences. Humanity would remain perpetually in this state of metaphysical chaos and uncertainty which leads to an endless multiplicity of spiritual claims.

Non-duality reduces kosmology to states of consciousness and denies dimensionality (it seems to me) or multiple dimensional multiverses. It seems to suggest that there is only the ocean of bliss consciousness and humans and nothing else…So no emanations or Lokas or angels or Avatars or Aeons or Archons.

If non-duality is true then I don’t see how the findings of modern science can be accurate. Ken Wheeler is taking on this issue. If this is all a dream then someone isn’t getting science right. Wheeler tends to think modern science is ignorance but I don’t see how it couldn’t be anything other than a massive intentional conspiracy to obscure the truth. At that point, I’d direct people to the work of Miles Mathis…

A Christian critique: non-duality is Luciferian. The Kabbalists brought a version to the west and used it, in part, to destroy Christendom. Add to that that the secondary writings say Satan was banished to India after its dealings with Adam and Eve ( I know, mythology) …From the Christian point of view, nonduality and the enlightenment project look to be a dismal failure! Look at all the usual suspects who promote this view in the west and they all look like what I call ‘Nephilim Archon Spooks!’…So, agents of chaos for the alphabet money-lending agencies.

(I didn’t want to be overly harsh to Swamiji so I’ll put this here: I’ve said often enough from a Pragmatist perspective the claims to being God under non-dual philosophies are useless! Therefore practically meaningless when it comes to combatting evil on earth. That the Kabbalist’s think they are combatting evil goes to just how deluded spiritualists can be…)

At least in dreams and game simulations, the Avatars (us) are able to do extraordinary things! Even I can fly in my dreams…And think Neo here as an example in the Matrix. If we use today’s examples of extraordinary ability it would render Jesus nothing more than a Socrates–rhetoric is the only tool in the box.
NOPE, the only thing extraordinary today is technology and I say it’s the achievement of the archons as for the most part it’s being used negatively. I’ll have more to say on how negative crypto has become since its inception and its initial bs claims in part-12.
The Vedas and the Bible are treatizes on supernaturalism but today all anyone who espouses normative views on them (believers) can do is talk! And usually talk endless bullshit!
The only spirituality consistent with this FACT is the deceptive God and its Archons who rule the earth via deception and not illusion…

2019: I’ll link a video below on Krishnamurti and add my commentary on it which is relevant to this post.
I might get the odd Yogic religionist disputing my take on things so I’ll add this here for reference:
What Krishnamurti was suggesting is likely this. But first, one needs to understand that his mind went through the analytical school’s types of thinking and criteria. In light of that, he knew that no one on earth could demonstrate, in a scientifically acceptable way (process), the claims of subtle energies. To do so would mean repeatable and verifiable evidence by skeptical peers that an injunction or claim has ‘passed’ the scientific method. For whatever reason, NO ONE on earth has done this!
Ken Wilber has a good paper on the post-metaphysics of subtle energies if anyone is interested.
I’m a Christian Gnostic so we have a simple answer to all these claims of metaphysical power: BULLSHIT!
I should mention also that the rise of post-secularism is a control gambit of the archons who have used religion as a cover for millennia and won’t hesitate to continue their pontificating metaphysical bullshit for political control and power. This is what the recent postmodern conservatism and religious nationalism is about: warring against the secular rule which came about via the liberal enlightenment. Yes, it does have its problems especially, in my opinion, liberal economics, but at least secularism offers rational protections against irrational (and untrue) and unverified religious claims…

There have indeed been a few yogis who opened themselves up to the scientific method and were able to demonstrate some remarkable ability to control and alter physiology, but very few is the operative word. Even Ken Wilber has altered his brainwave state via intentionality. BUT! THIS IS IN NO WAY EVIDENCE FOR SUBTLE ENERGIES/KUNDALINI/OR THE CHAKRAS with all their manipulative claims about souls and reincarnation. This aspect of their religion is archontic bullshit! Even if reincarnation turns out to be true I would still argue it’s only assholes who would do a 100% memory wipe of past lives. A GOOD GOD or decent archons would give us complete memory of 1 in 10 lives– to give some context to this incarnation…
NOPE! We don’t get that! ERGO: assholes!

How easy has it been for The Cabal to control humanity? Well, pretty damn easy! But before I get into that I’ll mention that I’ve given due consideration to the materialist atheist worldview in this series and find it wanting especially concerning the behavior of The Cabal–which I’ve asserted is toxic and Machiavellian. Certainly, what’s a fact is that the Cabal exists and operates regardless of humanity’s ontological and metaphysical condition–and the denial of this fact by the secular community is a cowardice betrayal of the human condition, IMO…And so we move on to other speculations…

Our memory was wiped at birth! That’s correct…someone or something has wiped memory from our incarnations here at birth (not necessarily an endorsement of reincarnation), add to this that humans are born helpless for almost one-third of their life; that most humans are non-violent in their relations to other humans ( it’s how we survived as a species), and the conditions are now ripe for a small group of deviant psychopaths to seize control of the life and economic systems on this planet–and this appears to be exactly what’s happened. They’ve set up mass systemic apparatuses of religious and financial control all enforced by violent coercion and unnecessary exploitation.

The house always wins! This is a fact of economics when economics is controlled by a Cabal–and it’s not random that the economic model for the earth is now patterned on the casino: With a few notable exceptions, the house always wins – in the long run – because of the mathematical advantage the casino enjoys over the player. That is what Mario Puzo was referring to in his famous novel Fools Die when his fictional casino boss character, Gronevelt, commented: “Percentages never lie. We built all these hotels on percentages. We stay rich on the percentage. You can lose faith in everything, religion and God, women and love, good and evil, war, and peace. You name it. But the percentage will always stand fast.”

A note here on Steven Pinker’s claims that data doesn’t lie: his claim was on a Youtube video! A platform whose very foundation is predicated on data manipulation. Sure you have a million followers when in reality you have about 100. Come on! Not to mention they’ve figured out a near-perfect system to manipulate civilization via algorithmic mayhem. The claim is laughable…

And there you have it: the near-total rationalization of pathological dominator hierarchy! Welcome to the machine. The question now is how the hell do we free ourselves from this systemic control? Well, if I knew the answer to that! But one thing I’m sure of is the solution is not based within any kind of New Age spirituality (or otherwise) which places the burden of this toxic condition on any one person especially when that approach is always premised on dubious metaphysical and unprovable spiritual claims, no–systemic solutions are needed as that is what the Cabal controls–the systems, and we need to change their toxic systems of control!

A note that I need to finish up my assessments of religion from earlier posts. We’ll get there! Next up will be why Islam is not the answer to our current predicaments! And we’ll get to Hinduism and Buddhism. And yes, E.T. theory and cryptocurrencies.

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