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It was diabolically brilliant to turn Sophia into the Christian devil while making a political church that would come to rule the world via worship of the dead God Yaldabaoth! (yet to come)…

The Christian story of Satan is taken from the gnostic Fall Of Sophia myths (as far as I can tell)…I’ll link other posts where I prove the official story of the RCC in regards to Satan is nonsense (nonsensical). It doesn’t even get correct the Judaic version of Satan– yet it claims the O.T. was its inheritance and that Yahweh is the Father Of Christ–not so! It’s one thing if the RCC had created a version of the Judaic ‘Sargeant Satan’ that somehow stopped doing Yahweh’s dirty work and turned against him; but, no…they created a version of Satan completely out of context with the Torah. Linked here. A modern Marcionite view HERE.

Satan in Judaism means Adversary of Man and not the adversary of God…FWIW: the traditional symbol of Yaldabaoth is the Lion Headed Serpent which fuses the Lion of Judaism (Yahweh) with Satan...”I The Lord Create Good And Evil”…We will start our analysis here! From this, we see that Judaism is right in the sense that it was Yaldabaoth who sent the serpent adversary to Adam and Eve–so the Kabbalist notion that the serpent was Sophia is *demonstrably false. In my next blog titled SEVEN, I will argue that the Freemasons are using this false narrative to implement what they think is true about this myth. Bad idea!

It’s fairly obvious where the RCC archons got their version of this story: they took the fall of Sopha and turned her into *Lucifer! This is an inversion of the truth but consistent with Yaldabaoth’s lies! In other words, they demonized Yaldabaoth’s mother! And that fits like a glove and I’d guess that Jordan Peterson and his ilk could milk the psychology of that endlessly as it pertains to mother and son dynamics on this earth!

When I first read Genesis I thought to myself that God doesn’t have much to say about the creation of its universe and I found that extraordinarily strange! And it wasn’t only the creation myth that fell short in this regard. Thankfully, I’m a tenacious researcher, and I found all the ‘fan-fiction’ books (secondary writings before the internet) that go into detail about things prior to the creation of this universe as well as riffing on Genesis 6: the great fictional work of The Book Of Enoch! 

We see within the above context the beginnings of a replicant Living Aeon Christ story. It is said that Yaldabaoth’s mother showed her ‘son’ a vision of the Aeon Christ which predates his existence in kosmological terms. So Yaldabaoth became aware of the TRUTH early on and simply dismissed it and became the father of kosmological lies! The living Aeon Christ said he was a liar from the beginning which aligns with this version of the devil and not the RCC version. In this video, they talk about Yaldabaoth’s perception that the Pleroma was flawed so he birthed his salvation plan within what would come to be known as Judaism. I commented that if what they were saying is true, then, in my opinion, the only version of Christ that makes sense is Docetism as there is no way the Aeon Christ was a human Jew–not from this cosmology. 

So who is the real Satan, then? Well, exactly as Yahweh describes in his book of deception: an archon it created to be the adversary of man! Lucifer? The light-bringer and ‘sun’ of the morning likely borrowed from Venus in Astrotheology. Taken further, by the Archons, and turned into the story of Sophia in The Garden Of Eden represented by a serpent. But I question this narrative and suggest that she was also a tree in The Garden Of Eden much like the Aeon Christ was symbolized as the Tree Of Life. So we have two replicants and false versions of the Aeons as this story percolated up through time within civilization. Please take note that there is little chance that Yaldabaoth would fake a Christ and leave his mother out of this…No, no, no…it messed big time with Sophia, too…

So, what are ole Yaldy-Baldy’s descendants up to today? Well, they’re going to bring the replicant Christ to the throne via what I call the ‘Nephilim Archon Spook’ machine which means Cleopatras son’s heir will fulfill the Masonic-rights and ascend to Jerusalem likely via the Vatican! The timing of this all has to do with precession and the movement of the stars and I was right about the 72-years from Israel’s modern inception in 1948, as that is also 1-degree of precession, and this is how the archons function–DIVOC-91 was right on schedule in 2020. And Mary Magdalene’s Masonic descendants are simply another gambit of Yaldabaoth’s plan to mimic the Aeon Christ and Sofia!

NOTE*: if this particular version of Sophia was true then I’d admit it makes sense to call her the ‘light-bringer’…But I question this narrative. I’m entirely willing to consider that there is a hidden bloodline of Sophia here via Seth, but it makes no sense to me that a Sethian lineage would seek earthly political power and use predatory and usurious economics. …So, there is no way, in my opinion, that this is the Freemason royalty bloodline of the Pharaohs, Ceasers, and Royal houses of Europe, etc…Moreover, from a plain reading of the script it’s obvious they BOTH lied which is consistent with my Gnostic view. They didn’t turn into Gods when they received dualistic knowledge and they didn’t die–at least not right away. But there is the issue of defining what a God is? A human who shits and pisses and has absolutely no extraordinary abilities i.e. supernaturalism–it’s meaningless to call such humans God.

There is the issue of goodness when it comes to a Sethite line or any other line declaring themselves to be the emissaries of God/s. Why do we have to redefine goodness? And I’ve asked this question when it comes to mainstream exoteric religion. Why the need for so much contortionism when it comes to simple human decency in the arena of human exchange in economics? It can’t just be me that sees extraordinarily little happening today in that regard! Oh, wait a minute! The atheist Marxists understand this! And at that point, I throw in the towel when atheists understand bad economics but ‘pure gnostic bloodlines’ don’t. This isn’t an endorsement of the state owning the means of production.

And what if atheism is true? I’ve said time and time again that it doesn’t matter if people are going to ACT OUT their religious convictions within society via politics and economics–and this is precisely what is happening– which makes today’s atheists both blind and dumb! Denying that this Kabal exists is their absolute worst move, IMO…And because nearly all atheists are in denial of this it makes one logically wonder if they are a trojan horse…Certainly, Jewish atheists are. 

Someone asked me if I think DIVOC-91 was a scam? If my little caption at the beginning is true then they are asking the wrong question! The right question to ask is if the archons control enough of the world’s infrastructure to pull off such a scam? And, in my opinion. the answer is YES! Yes, they do…

I pointed out another coincidence of the virus name HERE and it was 19-years from 2001 to 2020 and 91-years from 2020 to the ‘Great Wall St. Crash’ of 1929…

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