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HERE is a link to the documentary SEVEN!

Everyone should watch this! I was right-on (all over) the news in the fall of 2019 when the University Of Alaska released the report on building 7 correctly finding that it did not collapse via the version in the NIST report, but was brought down by some kind of co-ordinated demolishing of the entire structural elements within the building. It collapses at free-fall speed straight down in perfect symmetry SEVEN hours after the twins fell…7711 But this is not really what this blog is about…

Shortly after this UofA report hit the MSM a major online psyop started via YouTube (a channel therein) forcefully suggesting that there would be a major event happening at a Seattle football game in November. This narrative went viral and was huge at the time. I called bullshit on that channel instantly and started my own ‘comment campaign’ against it although I did prepare myself for a quick escape out of Vancouver that day…Nothing happened, of course. So, my spidey senses were right on and this was the usual distraction and misdirection by the oligarch’s alphabet agencies. I’ll give them that they are masters of their domain! As well as being evil as fcuk!

I want to separate what I’m going to explore next from the documentary above as I don’t want to tarnish it with woo! But I’ll explore this avenue of inquiry here as my own opinion and research into the nature of reality and our existence on earth…But first, notice how an entirely honest investigation is censored on the web (and all media) by the oligarchs. It’s not on YouTube or even on Bitchute, the comments are turned off.

47 stories high, eh? Where have we heard that number before? Oh, I know, Jewish gematria! 47 is the Tetragrammaton in Chaldean numerology. We will now veer off into Gnostic cosmology and the plan of the offspring of the Archons to fulfill Yaldabaoth’s plan of salvation it created in reaction to its perception that the pleroma was somehow flawed! So what happened in 47 BC? Cleopatra’s son with Caesar was born–the son of God! Now the Demiurges historians tell us that *Octavian murdered* Caesarion when he was 13… but we will see that for what it is: damnable lies!

But first, we will have to deal with J.C.: or, Yulius Caesar! ‘J’ didn’t exist at the time. HERE is a video that goes into this. If one wants to find the historical Ieous (Jesus) one has to go where the evidence leads. And BINGO! Everything about Caesar’s life matches the stories in the gospels (see the video). I won’t repeat it here as I want to explore something else. Yaldabaoth’s archons used royal bloodlines to implement his plan of salvation upon the earth and the major bloodline was the Pharaonic dynasty. These royals eventually merged with the Greek royals under Alexander’s conquests and gave us Kleopatra. But the key point is that the Hebrews were the Pharoah kings! By the time we get to the Roman empire, the bloodlines merged with the Roman aristocracy so we have the religious control gambit of the Torah merging with the Greeks (the Ptolemies) who wrote the New Testament and their descendants eventually forged it into the state religion of Rome via Constantine.

And who did that? Well, who was born in 47 BC? The son of God! This version explains the 17 missing years of Ieous’ life as he was sent to India, by Cleopatra, to escape the wrath of Octavian. India records testify to this. It explains why Jesus came to life at 13 and then disappeared for 17 years. Likely taken to India by Joseph of Arimathea. So, where did Jesus’ family come from? There isn’t much there unless one uses this story as the marker. Cleopatra had 3-other siblings with Marc Antony one was Selene who I believe became Mary Magdalene, and Cleopatra also had twins who became the brothers in the gospel story. See the gospel of Thomas.

So the young Ptolemy *did get revenge* on Octavian but it took his family and descendants a few centuries to implement. These ruling families are what I’ve come to call ‘Nephilim Archon Spooks’…The fallen rulers used the alphabet agencies to rule the world in an attempt to bring about their political Messiah. And if one understands the Freemasons then one understands that what I’m suggesting here isn’t bullshit but rather the plan of the ages!

Interestingly enough, the first monotheist Akhenaten was living in the 18th dynasty (Chai)…Is this the root of Freemasonry?

Encoded into the 911 event was all the numerology needed to testify about who did this. Anyone can and should seek out Mark Passio’s detailed videos on 911 in this regard. Astrotheology, and numerology, are the modus operandi of our archon rulers, and they care not for science when it comes to rule. What’s certain is that the Apostles come from astrotheology but I can’t get a handle on the Anglo names used in the New Testament. My best guess? Cleopatra’s descendants eventually made their way to England and finished up the narratives there. And that makes academic scholars what? Full of shit?

But these shenanigans are everywhere. They want to pass Medici off as Italian when he’s obviously Jewish. And those Patricians in the Roman senate probably were not what we are told. Look to America today for hints in that regard, as they are ripping from the same playbook! They even sent a neo-Ceasar into office in 2016 saying he was for the common people (yeah right) fighting the evil Patricians in the Senate! Who are what? Jewish! Just a note, also, that in light of the work of Miles Mathis, this supposed *enmity with Octavian* was as fake as any enmity between Trump and Biden or Bernie…They’re all on the same team! Note the name: OCT…Eights all the way to the bank!

Were these, then, the only Jesus-type characters alive at the time? NO…but they are the ones that matter today. There may have even been other itinerant Jewish messiah types in that era who bought into a false history but they are long gone with the wind and sands of time. I’d even suggest that the Living Aeon Christ put in an appearance or two during that period–search Docetism. …But I do not believe The Living Aeon Christ was Caesarion as he was a machination of Yaldabaoth’s archons. One would have to understand Gnostic cosmology to come to understand why I hold the position that I do on this issue. I’ll link detail HERE but Sophia showed her son Yaldabaoth a vision of the Living Aeon Christ in cosmological antiquity and Yaldabaoth is simply creating his version or replicant as it rejected the Pleroma…

BTW: if you knew history was fake at about the time of an emerging worldwide computer system that would reveal incredible amounts of knowledge then the one thing you would most absolutely want to implement is TOP-DOWN CONTROL of society on an unprecedented scale…If you’re thinking Sept. 11, 2001, then you just hit BINGO! And DIVOC-91 is simply more of the same.

More on 47:

Venus the Bright And Morning Star (Lucifer/Christ)…

So, the 46th JerUSAlem prez is a Marxist…And the 45th was a Kabbalist…Who will be the 47th prez? Will he get the job finished in JerUSAlem? I THINK SO…Who knew Jewish entertainment (fan-fiction projected into the polis/economic sphere) could be so…well? You decide:-P

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