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and official narratives in short, terse pithy aphorisms!

“It’s just a coincidence, damn it!”

This has happened within 100 years in an estimated 15 billion-year-old universe driven by chance alone.

1)* the discovery of a dense energy supply that was exceedingly inexpensive to extract in its early era which created the conditions for a planetary population explosion; the eventual destabilization of the earth’s climate and the plausible conditions for worldwide chaos as the supply dwindles with no replacement energy to scale anywhere in sight.
2)the concomitant establishment of a vast worldwide financial system modeled on usury.
3) the revival of Israel as a nation via brutal conquest and imprisonment of the Palestinian people juxtaposed to the rise of Christian Fascism and Islamic Jihadism.
4)the fact of massive wealth inequality towards the end of this era wherein less than 100 people own near 60% of the world’s wealth!

*note: the last three are established facts! There is controversy surrounding theories of Peak Oil and Climate Change here but the timeline of the discovery of oil is fact and I believe the consequences will be quite horrific if we factor in all types of pollution within my hypothesis.

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