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“Never before have so few robbed so many” Youtube commenter…

I’ve moved on down the road a bit…freemas.jpg

1913 is placed against a symbol of the demiurgic sun-worshipping cult that rules the earth. The vertical and horizontal are the solstices and the two angles are the equinoxes. Stewart/Stuart is one of the trademark peerage families whose members believe they are descendants of Mary Magdalene and Ceasarion/Christ–so, royal bloodlines. Everything happening on earth has to do with this cult and their obsessions. See my Back-Asswards post…

And 1913? Tax the shit out of everything and take private control of the issuance of currency. It was a good year for the robber-barons. 

They say the mother-spirit is water: 


More Miles Mathis on DIVOC-91: 

I don’t necessarily agree that the virus itself is fake as the name Carona is the Sun-King virus. A bio-weapon is just as likely, IMO…Of course.

7:19 in the video shows the greek IEOUS rendered in symbol within the eight-spoked wheel. What was interesting to me was this channel’s total omission of the astrotheology when it comes to this symbol. The Sun…Or, the Sun-King (Carona)…
In mythology, there are obviously TWO suns: one ALL truthful and the other disguised as truth but full of lies.
Any reader of my blogs can grasp which one I think humanity is dealing with today:

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