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The moneylenders, “it’s good for us and our allies”

DIVOC-91 economics is proving my point once again. The manipulation of data surrounding this event is incredibly bad. The fact is that not that many people die from it and those who do are generally, on aggregate, already compromised in some way. But the tragedy of DIVOC_91 economics is far far worse and is affecting billions–our lives are being destroyed by the cure set out by government policy. There is obviously a hidden agenda behind this event that has to do with societal structural engineering. When social policy just happens to benefit the moneylenders (economic usury) it’s no longer a conspiracy theory about who is doing this and benefitting from it–it’s common sense and in plain view.

HERE is a link outlining moral theories. Obviously, I reject theistic moral theories as passed down through Judaism. What God worth its salt needs to have as its first injunction not to worship other Gods? Not a very capable one is the only right answer!

I think there are elements of Rights-Based theories in my arguments as I argue for ‘private property for all’ as a human birthright. I also see Contract Law as necessary and see DIVOC-91 as breaking the social contract. I also believe GOOD FAITH is the first tenet of any contract and we are no longer dealing with rulers who operate in good faith. In fact, they now act like economic predators and see c.j.macq’s theories on Equalism.


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