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The centralized credit is called the SDR (special drawing rights)… Linked here.

My video is HERE.

Money My issue with having money as only a store of value is that it creates a hoarding economy while creating mass scarcity for the masses. I have no problem with an aspect or partial use of money as a store of value but it can’t be the primary component. To scale today’s population and to give everyone a chance at equality of opportunity we need the basic needs economy currency to be a non-debt means of exchange issued by a truly public institution. But in and of itself this WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH! See below.

At any rate, what should be particularly concerning is how easy it will be to use this centralized power to social engineer thought and behavior. The Chinese Social Credit was the first installment of this type of mind-control. I’ve also said elsewhere that usury threw the biggest party in the known universe, especially in the last 72-years. And when the sheep took grievances with the damage being done to them and their cultures the simple solution was to pull the rug out from under the party, and that’s what the virus policies have done–basically proving that the sports and entertainment complex was nothing they cared about per se, but only a tool and means to a negative end and outcome. HERE is a critique of this moral worldview.

In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons, I tackle all these issues and cough up a multi-faceted solution that entails more than just printing up money (as a solution). Yes, a healthy Social Credit is a part of the solution at around $24,000 wherein all predatory mechanisms of finance are removed at the basic needs level while attempting a new and better education model which has a focus on self-reliability within small agora communities…It’s not true that the only option for a Social Credit or UBI is via fiat debt currencies. Although that is what the creators of ‘structural false dichotomies’ would have you believe.

I call it a Neo-Techno Shire.

Just a note on the Stakeholder capitalism post associated with this blog: it’s obvious that Christians should own their means of production and not give that up to the nation-state, but that doesn’t equate to what capitalism has become. Small “C” capitalism within smaller localized communities is the only option here for Christians if they don’t want to fall prey to economic delusion.

The song at the end is my gnostic-themed Karma and Kum.

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