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Okay, just to get things right on this issue which should be important to any truth seeker.

13 times 28 equals 364 days plus add an additional day so it matches the solar year. That is the claim but it’s not true.

HERE is a link that gets the physics right and I’ll just add that I’m not a Druid.

The truth: it’s true that the Julian calendars January (Janus) new year was an error in that it did disconnect the people from the natural flow and cycles of seasons in the northern hemisphere. The ‘natural’ new year is the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries in March. Count from March to October and you get 8 (Oct). You can see how the switch to January created bad symbolism as it turned October into the 10th month. I’ve argued elsewhere that this switch was just one of many manipulations by our archons to disconnect us from the natural life cycles in which we live.

The ultimate endgame in that regard is the Technocracy and human consciousness trapped in A.I.

The lunar 28-day cycle is fine as an analogy for the female as they are related to menstruation but it can’t be posited as anything past that–at least not in physics.

March 14th, 2021 update. Linked is another video by Mark Cordova on this calendar. I file this under ‘someone is lying about physics’. And I’ve chosen not to pursue these lines of inquiry but rather focus on the question of How Shall We Live?

I like Mark and I’m willing to look at his claims as if they were true. The first issue I see is that his calendar has no correlation to the seasons on earth. The present calendar although flawed, in my opinion, at one point had the New Year correct from the perspective of the northern hemisphere wherein Aries begins the New Year in spring and October the 8th month makes sense rather than it being the 10th month which makes no sense.

But Mark’s calendar has the New Year on December *21st which makes no sense from our perspective here on earth so his calendar must be cosmic without correlation to seasons on this earth. That’s okay I guess but I remain unconvinced. But I remain open just not to the point where my brains fall out.

More on this here: 13 Friday the 13ths!

2021 Update: *more research finds that at one point the Egyptians did treat the Winter Solstice as the New Year. See the section the Festival Of Ptah within the paper by D.M Murdock, called Christ In Egypt.

Feb. 2022: I’ll be blogging soon on Wes Penre and linked here are some of his views on this issue.

March 2022: the most accurate calendar in antiquity was the Sirius Dog Star calendar of the Egyptians. It followed the heliacal rising of the star Sirius. So a 12-month calendar with 30-days with 5 additional days added every year and an additional day added every four years. This calendar rivals all our scientific understanding of calendars. Chalk one up for THOTH–the name of the first month of the Egyptian calendar…An interesting coincidence given that (T) A MERI KA means Egypt’s spirit and has the Eye Of Re on its dollar. September 11th is the Egyptian New Year when converted to the Gregorian calendar. KA BOOOOM!

See my The Egyptian Foundations of Gnostic Thought.

Oct. 2022:

More on these issues @ 2:17:33 of Scott Ostatt’s, Secrets In Plain Sight.. And HERE is a link to the Eastman (think Linda McCartney) Kodak company who attempted to use the 13 month calendar.

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