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“Peter wouldn’t pay Paul rent”.

My definition: a conglomeration of financial actors raping the reward pool of the earth while claiming altruistic philanthropy with the added insult of gaslighting the raped. 

George Gammon has done a fantastic overview of our current economic malaise and gets it right about who’s doing it and why. It’s the clearest explanation you’ll likely find on The Great Reset which is global fascism.

But I do have some thoughts on this. He’s assessing from a secular/materialist vantage point (or so it seems; which is fine) while likely in the lower right quadrant of the political compass–so he’s a freedom-loving libertarian capitalist. 

I’ll only deconstruct this from my Christian Gnostic perspective but do agree with him on most of his points from a secular and materialist view. Although I am a secularist I’m not a materialist. 

The problem from most Christian perspectives is that capitalism isn’t Christian and nor can it be. There was no capitalism in the Garden of Eden and no capitalism is alluded to in the 1000-year reign and when you combine that with predictions of an economic/religious end-time financial system (what I call the god KA$H) it should become abundantly clear that his greed centered capitalism can’t work for Christian people–although I get it from a secular perspective. 

There is the issue of usury and on this point, George might agree with me. Q.E. and control of currency via debt mechanisms is a type of usury and he points out that the SDR takes away shared risk so it becomes another type of usury also. So none of this is commensurable with any kind of Christian ethics which should use The Golden Rule as a model and template-see this 12-part series. I’ve pointed out that Canada’s virus policies have replaced work with usury and to get the free money one has to agree with the likelihood of endless audits by RC–really, economic insanity. 

There is also the spiritual issue of voluntarism and business should guarantee employees are not under duress and undue exploitation and coercion when it comes to their positions. It’s easy to rationalize this away but it’s important and links to Marxs’ correct view of surplus-value. Although I’m in no way a Marxist he was right about this issue and the irony should be obvious about why a Jewish atheist understood this but spiritualists are in denial about it. It’s a type of theft! But it can be navigated if healthy systems are set in place which gives workers ample opportunity to not be unduly manipulated by the system. Obviously, that isn’t the case under the current system. 

There is also the issue of a line being crossed when Christians become fascists. If they buy into this current system then they become partners with fascism and that can never be right. George understands that The Great Reset is being implemented via fascist ideologues but this should be doubly concerning for authentic Christian people who should rebel in horror at the idea of capitalism being fused with the corporate nation-state. This is why any Christian with any spiritual sense whatsoever could never support Trump or the Christian Dominionism of so many of his followers which is especially disturbing as Trump follows Jewish Kabbalism.

At any rate, I’ve been calling the present system commie-fascism, economic fascism, or, lipstick fascism for years. Fascism is always the last way-station of Liberal economic theory–so no spiritualist with any knowledge at all should be surprised by these events. Having said that, and for Christian cultures only, humanity’s basic needs should not be open to economic predation of any kind. So no rent-seeking and more focus on food-self-sustainability with private property rights for all within the community. See my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. Why Christians let their enemies define them is an interesting question to ponder. 

Any economy that doesn’t allow for the survival of the nuclear family supported by one income earner can in no way be considered Christian. The fact is the moneylenders conquered Christianity and created their version of it that suited their agenda. They’ve blackwashed Christian men through their men are pigs propaganda and turned their churches into ‘carnival barker grift shows’…

The metaphysics of Christianity and what’s right or wrong about it isn’t a part of this blog. This post is about culture and how we should live. 

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Stakeholder capitalism even out in the woods! See the charity propaganda.

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