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To summarize: last March the weather turned to summer in Vancouver when they called for the lockdown. In 40-years I’ve never seen it that nice so early in the spring and it was surreal as no one was really out and about. This year it’s colder and damper than normal and those who need good weather to earn a living are once again out of luck. So in both years, there was/is no way to earn money in the trade (if one depends on good weather to do so). 
Of course, I call climate change code for archon weather manipulation. That the crypto sphere is now merging their products with a concern for the earth is all the proof I need that they are the same bad actors trolling civilization.
The political class doesn’t suffer any economic consequences when it comes to their bad policies. I see Ford in Ontario is playing Saturnalia with his slaves who had the audacity to speak out against him last week. 
I see this week that the masonic cult had a bit of fun in Vancouver on 3/30. 3-halls were burnt and the usual ‘we know nothing’, and ‘dindu nuffin’ was the cry of their media-owned assclowns. 
At any rate, Mark Cordova says the great mother is flooding the earth with light water souls and this has the archons very scared! The waterfall is a good analogy! 
My brain chemicals are in disorder so apologies for the misspeaking… 
The song at the end is my Gnostic-themed Karma and Kum.klahan2.jpg

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