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On this website, I’ve been skeptical and critical of the claims of Judaism and religion in general–all of which, in my opinion, are perversions of truth and instigated by archon agents of chaos throughout history. Many of my thoughts on these issues can be found via THIS link.

I’ve argued for Docetism and that Christ was not Jewish but rather the Living Aeon Christ sent from the Pleroma to deal with Sophia’s son Yaldabaoth known as the demiurge.

Linked below are two videos by a Youtube channel and these are the first teachings from the Jewish side of the street wherein I’d concede that Christ did appear as a Jewish human.

Here are some basic tenets that I agree with if I’m understanding him correctly:

  • the political end-time kingdom of Israel is a machination of Samael who was the serpent in the Garden story and who did rape, Eve. At 11:35 in the first video this channel correctly understands that the God of Israel is a ‘ridiculously inferior god’. ME: this is a core gnostic understanding which I’ve held from day one as a Gnostic.
  • that the idea of the Trinity is correct and the second video asserts that there is even more than one trinity kosmologically speaking.
  • that the key teachings of Christ had to do with the great mother or what some call Barbelo who is the second ‘person’ of the trinity and mother of the Living Aeon Christ. He’s right in the sense that if you do not understand this in any of its iterations then you are basically a spiritual idiot.
  • that a key component of the mother is the MA trix which I’ve likened to Indra in Vedic cosmology.
  • that he is describing in the second video what Christian Gnostics call the Fall Of Sophia.

Okay, that was the good part. Any of my readers also know that I’m skeptical of what is known as privileged access in philosophy. I’ve also said many times that spiritual claims that are not backed by public demonstration should be scrutinized and not accepted wholesale. I think the No True Scotsman fallacy is useful in this field of inquiry when understood correctly. Linked HERE another paper by Miles Mathis and if the Jews want to implement Tikkun they should consult Miles immediately as he is one of the few that truly understands what it means.

In the end, I describe myself as an AGNOSTIC gnostic because I don’t know in any verifiable way who and what the god/s are; although I’ve long said that the truth of existence is found within the mine/mindfields of the gnostic tradition.

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