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A Saturday morning muse on the Vedic/Buddhist (MA) (RA) deity from a Christian Gnostic perspective.

I’ve talked about this before in other blogs exploring the Vedas and possible links to Christian Gnosticism. Specifically in regards to who and what the Demiurge might be, but I’ve also said that Indra fits; as does Brahma– as distinguished from Brahman. We’ll put those possibilities aside in this post.

*MA would be the female aspect and RA would be the male. Personified as the toxic mother and father (did I meet them this winter?) Symbolized as the lion-headed serpent…When Sophia created Yaldabaoth she created a shadow of herself and her divine consort Christ. So, within Yaldabaoth, lived the darkness or shadow of Sophia and Christ. In Gnostic cosmology, Sophia is an Aeon and paired with the Son/Christ of the Holy Mother (Barbello). It was she (Sophia) who created Yaldabaoth who in turn fashioned humans.

It’s said that Yaldabaoth perceived the flaw within existence (how it came to be) and created its own salvation plan which eventually led to the creation of the Archon Yahweh who is the Lord God of Israel and not the ‘father’ of the Pleroma whom Christ spoke of as being his father.

In Judaic mythology it’s likely this Mara figure has been spoken of as Samael– The Lord Of Death— who was the serpent in the Garden (**Saturn?) and Lilith his ‘consort’. Moreover, within Judaism, the Archon Yahweh created a replicant of the Living Aeon Christ who sits at its right hand and is known as the Messiah–see the lion symbol of Yaldabaoth personified as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Please note that these archons seek earthly political power and rule and are in opposition to the teachings of the Living Aeon Christ who was not from this world and who did not seek earthly political power. I’ve also suggested elsewhere that the archons created a replicant of Sophia, too, and have messed with Yaldabaoth’s mother bigtime! We see they turned her into the Christian devil in Roman Catholicism–a Christianity that protected the character of Yahweh and incorrectly named him the father of Christ–see the Marcionites, too, in this regard.

I’ve also argued elsewhere for DOCETISM and suggested that the Aeon Christ was not genetically Hebrew and did not die on the cross; but rather, the Living Christ spirit sentenced Yaldabaoth to die on the cross at the hands of his chosen people in an act of universal cosmic irony still lost on most everyone today. Did I mention that the Living Christ said that the devil (Yaldabaoth and its Archons) would deceive the WHOLE world?

NOTE*: we see another iteration of this name in IS RA (EL)…

Who and what the Elohim archons are is altogether another investigation. But they are both male and female, IMO…

NOTE: ** See Miles Mathis’ paper on Saturn and humanity’s long-time obsession with this planet.

This series by Bart Ehrman is very much worth watching. A fine reference for where all this stuff comes from.

Postscript: from what modern psychology teaches us about good parenting we can logically deduce that Yahweh was/is a toxic father when he created the division between Isaac and Ishmael that has caused murder and mayhem for millennia. That both sons and daughters even today ‘apologize’ for Yahweh/Allah (Judaism/Islam) only argues that these kids are still suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Or, similarly, as children who still retain love and commitment to their father who beats his wife…

I guess this muse also begs the question of where the Good Christ, Sofia, Barbello, and Father are in all this mess. I’ve no answer to that other than the ‘quarantine/prison’ hypothesis.

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