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“Put the author as god on any book and you can get away with pretty well everything”

I believe I read it in ’84.

His name was Eric Blair and we can quite easily suss out what that name means from our perspective today when we look at the corporate fascist Tony Blair–likely both from the same peerage lineages. Yup, he wrote his first book in 1933! Every single time!

That he chose Orw EL L is likely, not random; especially in light of the fact that the alphabet agencies ramped up their game during and after the war… I’ve discussed elsewhere this phenomenon of diads– used both frontwards and backward– obviously taken from the word Elohim. Alpha/Omega/as above/so below…yadda, yadda, yadda. ELLE, Elvis, Merkle, Lennon, Lenin, etc., and on and on and on. We see it in RA AR (and IS SI), also, as in the Youtuber AronRa, as one example among thousands. Most of the Youtube names are obviously made up of actor-agents espousing the glory of a certain nation-state along with endless narratives that are beneficial to certain objectives. HERE is a Youtube channel that shows what I mean. He could be organic and genuine but I’m only arguing that there are too many coincidences.

Think of it this way: within the mothers great trick (*Matrix) the departments of the alphabet agencies create all these names and actor-agents. It’s a type of trolling civilization by Agent Smiths (there are so many of me/them) where copywrite and trademark is invoked endlessly with anything to do with the Bib LE/Israel. My sense is that the Living Aeon Christ must laugh endlessly in amusement at Israel’s insistence that he represents everything to do with the God of Israel (Yahweh).

We even see another agent in modernity (Jordan Peterson) praising the blessings of one of his fellow agents (Orwell) of an earlier generation. Keep the grift going! The possibility that Peterson is an agent doesn’t, in itself, invalidate everything he says when it comes to psychology. Nevertheless, Edward Bernay’s is proof that corporate fascism uses the insights of psychology for pathological ends.

Do you know what nation became a nation in 1948/84? Bingo! And all Orwell was telling us is what they had planned and we see this happening 72-years later (1-degree of the precession of the zodiac) implemented by DIVOC-91 (what I call COVID economics). Damnit! I am not allowed to think these things! It’s totally wrong-think! But the truth always is when one lives within an inverted reality.

I think it was the native RussEL L Means who coined the phrase, ‘we are all Palestinians now!’

I’ve commented elsewhere that the demiurge uses technology because it isn’t Omni anything! It certainly didn’t know where **’Adam was in the garden’ and Yahweh was indeed the one who invoked curses upon humanity. So, from an alternative spiritual view of HIStory, it was the Elohim archons who were responsible for our recent technological prowess (think EL ectricity) and this technology is now in the late stages of creating a worldwide prison technocracy. Yeah, I know, it’s all just coinky-dinky!

The first song on my 4-Songs About God In E-flat Minor starts with the tune CATCH-22. I’ve been in that situation for half of my life and there were many things I DIDN’T do in reaction to this horrific circumstance. I didn’t react violently or become a grifter. See ***Miles Mathis’ cultural writings for an economic model that could be implemented when one finds themselves in this unenviable situation. There is a way out that is graceful!

Another Miles blog on Mr. 1984 here.

Sometimes I hear the more conscientious within the tribe argue that Yahweh wasn’t all bad and did good things, too. I think the maximally evil god theory is stupid misdirection. Of course, father’s who beat their wives are not ALL bad and sometimes do good! THE POINT? One of the best economic ideas in human history is embedded in that book: The debt forgiveness Jubilee! Will we get a healthy version of it when it’s needed most? Of course not! But healthy is the operative word there although even that’s redundant as we won’t get one. Read this post over and over until you understand why we won’t.

NOTE*: I get why the simulation hypothesis is taken seriously today in light of the advent of computers but when I use the term, generally speaking, all I mean is a ‘deceptive construct’…

NOTE**: If Yahweh is a deceptive agent then it’s logically consistent to question the narratives written in his name. From what I can gather there is little that is correct about the bible when it comes to science, history, or archeology. What’s evolutionary myth or deceptive propaganda is certainly a fair and intriguing question, IMO…

NOTE***: In my opinion, Miles is one of the only authors alive worth reading in these times. What Miles is wrong about in science doesn’t concern me; and where the fakery by the Elites starts or ends doesn’t either, anyone with an ounce of gnosis can see that enough of it is fakery! He’s the only Jewish person I’ve come across that truly understands the meaning of Tikkun; right now it means to ‘rob the goy’; and he understands what no Christians today understand: what a Christian economics should look like! That the elites are trolling civilization and are Gaslighting humanity is nothing other than shameful and the chaos and confusion you feel inside your mind is by THEIR doing (and misdeeds) as there is nothing wrong with you. You’ve been scammed by robber-barons and your life hijacked by crookery…This has absolutely NOTHING to do with rights and responsibilities. When someone has a gun pointed at your head there is only one correct analysis: they are thugs!

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