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“change in the weather?”

Firstly, I am not a Climate Change denier! I believe it’s a grievous error on humanity’s part to treat the atmosphere like a sewer! Having said that, do I believe that all this bizarre weather is caused by C.C.? NO!

Here is my hypothesis and I believe history will prove it to be true, but I must preface by saying I believe it is not at all unlikely that ‘the powers that be’ would and could manipulate the weather via human technology. So yes, 99.99999% sure our insane rulers–see this— are manipulating the weather!

To me, this is a separate issue from C02 pollution which I believe to be real and destructive although from all my research I’m not sure of any timeline for catastrophic circumstances.

Why? Well, if I knew that…….But my first guess is that the military-industrial complex would use this technology as a tactic of war. Big finance could also use it to their benefit or so I would suppose!

Like speculation? Muse on this one: where could the legacy of the conman John D. Rockefeller drill for oil where it is not in your face from the view of the general public? Aha! I know! The melted Arctic would open up the perfect place for these mega-corps to drill for oil far away from the spotlight of the vacationing hordes! Got coincidence? Perhaps not!

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