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“The Bible need not be true to come true”

This is an alternate opinion on what religion has become on this earth over the millennia.

The book of Genesis clearly illustrates that the God who questioned Adam and Eve was some kind of *hominoid as it was physically walking in the garden and searching for them as it did not know where they were.

Flash forward to Abraham. My contention is that Abraham was the Archon who cursed Adam and Eve in the garden. I’ve riffed recently on the backward and forward nature of these archons as illustrated by words like ELLE. So, Abraham was Brahma/Yahweh who was/is the demiurge that walked in the garden. No way you say!

Okay, but muse with me here for a spell (abracadabra) If I’m right about this then Brahma/Abraham/Yahweh, arguably, in one stroke, created every major religion on earth today. It’s a fact that Abraham is the father of western theism, but I’m suggesting that he was also the father of the Vedas, and therefore all eastern religion and philosophy. HERE is a video arguing the same idea. So, I’m not suggesting anything unthinkable.

There is the *theory that the Vedas had their Genesis via the Aryan invasion into India in antiquity. I’m suggesting, if this is accurate, that it was the/se archons led by Brahma/Abraham/Yahweh who created this lore and are responsible for the creation of religion on earth. And there is an agenda behind it…

In David Astle’s, The Babylonian Woe, he espouses a well-sourced theory that the money-masters hijacked the development of natural religion/spirituality during that time and turned it into their hiding place and used religion as a means of controlling their creation–humanity–who they consider their property and slaves. If this were true, then I’d suggest that Brahma/Yahweh/the Demiurge’s plan was incredibly brilliant and incredibly successful.

I’ve argued elsewhere that all these religions today have morphed into one religion and live under the umbrella of what I call the god KA$H–what I call the worldwide religion of money. Now who do you think that is and how was it accomplished? Hint: and this appears to be a fact within Judaism: the first thing Yahweh asks when a Jewish person dies is how they handled money? Please, I’m not making this up but only reporting on what Judaism teaches.

I’ve argued that the Demiurge controls the reincarnation template and manipulates humanity via simulation similarly to how computer modeling can cough up false versions of reality. It isn’t a perfect representation but it’s close enough to the point. We see today, just as it was in India for millennia, a return to reincarnation themes and the justification of karma for the ordering of society today via Kabbalism in the west.

We now see the beginnings of the worldwide merging of religion and money. The central banks will implement a new digital currency that will give them unlimited and unprecedented control over every economic transaction made by anyone on earth. They’ll do this via public ledgers and the mining of a Bitcoin-like currency. Astle points out that the first big-time creation of money was via public ledgers and metal mining–so it’s too big of a coincidence to dismiss.

I’ll end this one with a little fun with the word KARMA: We see the Egyptian KA (spirit) (AK) once again; with the backward AR/RA…The demiurge kicking our butts back here via the MA trix…The mother’s great trick. I’ve suggested that Yaldabaoth– symbolized as the lion and serpent– was meant to represent the toxic father and mother, or, the shadow of Christ and Sophia–AKA, the Demiurge. Anyone is welcome to search my site for writings I’ve done on Christian Gnosticism.

NOTE: although I am a theist; I am also agnostic as to what the gods actually are. I don’t know in that specific regard.

NOTE*: it certainly could be the other way around: the Brahmin’s created Judaism.

A tag here on Schopenhauer’s gnostic idea that we live in a penitentiary:

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