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Between 2005 and 2008 I read Will Durant’s A History Of Civilization.

A good summation of the idea is @ 4:04 of THIS video.

Anyone familiar with my writings knows that I don’t argue for equality of outcome; but rather, for *creating healthier conditions at the bottom of the social pyramid–equality of opportunity. My avenue for getting there is to end predatory economics on humanity’s Four Basic Needs of Housing, Food, Education, and Healthcare. We can see that this has nothing whatsoever to do with identity politics which is misdirection away from the real issues which are economic.

I don’t argue for the abolition of capitalism like the Marxists (a pipe dream) but rather to separate economics into two spheres: residential with its Four Pillars, and commercial capitalism for everything else. Of course, I know we won’t get anything like that and Durant covers the reasons why a little past 4:04 when he correctly describes the mindset of the ruling establishment which is the same today as it ever was. And don’t get me on economic models and schemes invented by demented minds.

I call virus economics DIVOC-91 (pronounced Dybbuk), and I’ve said, last March, at the beginning of this, that virus economics would fuse with the politics of Climate Change–and this is exactly what is happening via disaster capitalism and the doubling down of the crack fueled neoliberal/neocon NWO–or, a return to neo-feudalism via a new technocratic elite–the same as the old elite.

Unlike the Marxists, I don’t argue for violent revolution, because, as a Christian Gnostic, I appeal to the idea of ahimsa or non-violence as a base for any civil society–non-predatory modes of behavior– as humans are capable of more than brute animalism. A brief aside, I’ve argued elsewhere about how similar the Sethian gnostic school is to the Buddhist idea of the Bodhisattva, along with the general view that the gods are dead, or mythological, or both–a view I don’t necessarily share, but remain agnostic on, but the point is that our archon rulers feed off of violence so we feed them if we succumb to their tactics.

And if we don’t use violence, but rather use words to wage our battles, then the obvious counter by the NWO is to silence humanity–to end freedom of thought. Now, I do agree, that generally speaking, the human mind is quite insane, and any long time meditator can testify to this, but this is a separate issue, so the ‘macro mind matrix’ should not get precedence in the ordering of society, which should be based on actions and not thought in and of itself. So I will continue to argue for freedom of speech absolutism as the foundation for any civil society (or enlightened society) as humans are capable of navigating the issue of words and distinguishing words from action/s.

NOTE*: I’m going to get to a blog on this issue eventually, but for now, I’ll just point out the duplicity and obfuscations of western political elites today. They blather on about universalisms (UBI) when they’ve patterned the economy on a casino where they are guaranteed to win. What they could do, right now, even under the current model, is put the Basic Personal Exemption @ $24,000.00 for those earning under $100,000.00…Of course, that would show an ounce of decency and fairness and we can’t have that, can we? And why not? See my blog on What Is Neoliberalism.

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