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 Dual-Aspect Monism





Above is a schema of differing theories or reality. This blog suggests that the demiurge created the material world and that it’s deeply flawed. I guess I’m attempting to bridge these divides here.

I’ve been musing on how to articulate this in a way that makes some kind of sense and has a modicum of coherency. I might have found an avenue in that direction this morning.

IF the template of this existence is flawed and especially deceptive, and when combined with the fact that the base reality of the template is pain, and that most life and especially humans entire motivation is to lessen and escape the base reality of pain; then it stands to reason that the speculations on the idea of a not benevolent architect are not in themselves irrational propositions.

Of course, this comes with a whole host of associated problems within metaphysics: the primacy of consciousness; idealism/materialism; freewill; simulation, etc., and I shan’t deal with those not insignificant tangents here but rather just wanted to lay down the primary premise of the Christian Gnostic cosmology.

The next associated arena of dispute, if this was an accurate cosmology, is whether this template is a school or an asylum? I’m not against the idea that we are in a school, but my disposition leads to the asylum hypothesis, and that the headmasters are insane. Of course, I could be wrong and the old adage holds that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I’d agree, though, that the template came about via genius–just an extraordinarily flawed one from what I can tell.

The rest of this is likely overlapping magisteria (science/spirituality) but I go where the muse takes me. A flawed consciousness operates somehow and this is what I’m pointing to as an alternative to simulation theory. Folks like Chalmers are addressing this investigation from the starting point of materialism (non-theism) and I’m coming at it from the spiritual side via the idea of a flawed designer.

@ 9:56 in this video the problem is posed, if the materialist is correct, then only zombies should exist as ‘dead’ atoms can’t create anything other than dead organisms–consciously speaking–aka, zombies!

Just a note that this video doesn’t delve into the nature of this consciousness: whether it might be a deceptive one.

And HERE is a paper on Emergent Panpsychism. I add this because I’m musing on the concept of a malevolent demiurge from a quasi-naturalist angle (‘a soft/weak dualism’); so something other than simulation, something more real working within the confines of a real natural universe–that’s the tangent I’m working here. I know, difficult to explicate.

A good article that explores the intersection between emergence and panpsychism: 

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