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One of the foundational premises within Judaism is that what God created was good. I’ll attempt to show here that Christ did not think this and did not espouse this view of our existence. This avenue of inquiry will attempt to show the fallacious nature of the idea that Christ was Yahweh, or Yahweh’s son, or had anything good to say about Judaism. I’ll link this post to my Jesus Was Not Jewish blogs–linked HERE and HERE and HERE.

Religious claims throughout history generally fall under two worldviews as delineated by*Ken Wilber: an ascending worldview wherein this world is pretty much damned and not worth the effort. And the descending worldview that views our existence as primarily good and worthwhile. Judaism clearly falls under the latter or descending view–it’s the foundational idea behind Tikkun! Christianity does not. In fact, normative views on scripture clearly teach that every aspect of creation was corrupted and cries out for redemption.

Christ clearly taught that evil controlled the whole world and that next to no one would come to know the truth about who and what the devil was (and is). I’ve argued endlessly on my site that the Christian view of Satan doesn’t make any sense and contradicts what the Torah teaches about this entity–so how can Christianity claim to be in alignment with Judaism? Of course, from the Christian Gnostic view, the Torah doesn’t get it right either, and that is consistent with how Christ would have viewed the devil. From our view, he would have known the devil was Yaldabaoth the demiurge –the architect of this fallen world. Do you now see why it’s irredeemable?

In the Revelation, by John, of Christ, it’s clear that this world will be destroyed and decimated and that there will have to be a new world created as the present world is irredeemable. This is clear argumentation that Christ was not teaching Judaism but was rather opposed to it. He was not having pajama parties with the Sanhedrin council but was rather in a cosmic war with the archons who created Judaism (and religion in general on this earth).

Moreover, within Orthodox views of Christianity, there is this incoherent idea that God has to torture you before he saves you–the ‘great tribulation’. What kind of **GOOD father does this? The Christian Gnostics have always said, ‘not a very nice one’. It is true that some Evangelical groups attempt to get around this contradiction by invoking the idea of the rapture but this idea is built upon other normative Christian beliefs that are in themselves incoherent and contradictory.

Last but not least are the claims by Christ that he was not of this world and taught that if you’re friends with this world you’re not friends with him. This is a clear and unequivocal indictment of the religion of Judaism.

NOTE*: Wilber’s assessment is premised on evolutionary stage theory when it comes to religion.

NOTE**: In my view, the good father of the Pleroma respects the right of the demiurge to exist. But it is quarantined and contained in this particular existence. The goal of the Christian Gnostic is to find a way out of this ‘penitentiary’…So, how to get back home to the Pleroma. HINT (speaking of Ken W.): one has to deal with those from the Kenoma!

In my view, it will be the fake Jesus that brings annihilation to the world–the final outcome of Yahweh’s curses in Eden–this is likely what Christ was referencing in the Revelation.

Postscript: I might buy that there was a Satan who could confound the Jews over millennia about its true nature and relationship with God (Gods arch-enemy), but I simply cannot buy that God (Christ), in his normative Christian iteration, was not able to impart (or elucidate) its tripartite nature to the Jews over millennia.

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