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A caveat: this view of the demiurge differs from the Platonic school (Plotinus) conception of its nature: ‘a servant of the source’. It’s fair enough to call this idea pantheism but Christian gnostics would better describe it as a particular type of panentheism. But be careful here as the mind above this existence is not the mind of the demiurge of pantheism. Christ taught that he was not of this world and I have deep reservations about whether this place is salvageable.

Before I get into it I’ll preface by pointing out that those who argue for something beyond naturalism and methodological naturalism are being disingenuous (or dishonest) about the possible nature of any mind that could exist at the base of our reality. It’s clear that any honest assessment only gets us to ‘it’s a deeply flawed and impersonal mind’ especially when assessed from the base reality of pain and suffering. Moreover, as I’ve pointed out many times, along with pain and suffering comes an inherently deceptive construct in which we find ourselves. This is the source of all our conflict as it’s built into the demiurgic mind. A good and benevolent mind would have made the nature of reality clear and concise and would leave no room for confusion or error. No YouTube debates are needed!

So the ‘demiurgic mind’ is the Telos of the material universe. It is what drives existence here. The mother of the material universe named the mind behind it blind and it birthed chaos. We won’t understand this much unless we can come to terms with the idea that we were birthed via cosmic error. But, yes, chaos fuels existence here via the drives of Eros and Thanatos; so, life and death are on the menu. We see the conflicting drives in *biological evolution juxtaposed to entropy–there’s no escaping the mechanics of how things work here. In that sense, we are all slaves to the machine.

In this post, I’ll call the demiurgic mind Allah, but these are just names given by the archons of the demiurge who’ve controlled humanity via religions that all contradict each other. Another fingerprint of the archons: divide and conquer. It’s likely not a good thing to get hung up on the names; that would be entirely missing the point. Although the name of religions gods are not the mind of the architect but rather iterations of control by lower-level archons.

Yaldabaoth’s mind was embedded into the real material universe via what we’ve come to know as *panpsychism. It pervades everything and has its own intelligence from the micro and nano to the macro where it has its own sentience. It’s the mind of the god of this world and make no mistake about it: your mind is plugged into this matrix (defined here as a deceptive construct)! This is why some early Christians described the devil as the mighty prince of the air— not a bad description for archaic people–but they were referencing mind.

In Buddhism, we get the same idea in the first noble truth–life is suffering (and pain). In meditation, we also get a glimpse into the mind and see that the 10,000 thoughts a day are largely insane. It could be we try to escape them in dreams…but wait a minute….they are largely crazy, too! Whoever said getting outta here would be easy? In fact, some don’t want you to leave!

There is the idea of the void and Christian Gnostics named it the Kenoma. It’s a chasm between the spirit world of the Pleroma and the material existence of the demiurge. It’s likely been described as the Bardo’s, too, or the psychic plane, but no matter the name it’s a real place populated with real entities who have real subtle bodies (consciousness is always embodied). It’s said that the lower part of Sophia resides there–Sophia Achamoth. It’s from here where it’s said that she works with the Living Aeon Christ in the ongoing struggle to return those lost back to the Pleroma. I disagree with the non-dual teachers who basically say she just wants people to become good capitalists!

But be careful as there are some real characters said to exist there: namely Mara!

Meanwhile back on earth…Never abandon a good grift! Yes, there was always a plan with religion and they will fuse with the worldwide religion of money. But there is more to it than that. Remember that the archons don’t want you to leave. And remember who controls the material realm. So the plan is to get you to consent to stay here via A.I. And voila…the first step in that endeavor was to implement the screen…

Someone asked the Amish why they were not suffering Covid. The answer given was they don’t watch TV…

The last step is an attempt to trap you in the material world permanently.

The mechanics of how to do this are far beyond the knowledge of a species that was using outhouses on masse 100 years ago. But if the archons are attempting it we should assume that they can do so.

NOTE*: this is in no way a perfect analogy of these ideas, but it likely serves the purpose of my point.

NOTE*: I don’t claim to know which theory of panpsychism is the accurate one but I would disagree that panpsychism is solely synonymous with materialism. I’m a dualist when it comes to my views on panpsychism. 2024 UPDATE: I’ve moved away from substance dualism and now think Dual Aspect Monism is the better explanation for the demiurgic mind. In part, I made this move based on the old Samkhya system and its views on Prakriti (the demiurgic cosmos) and Purusha which I now equate with the Pleroma. So no dualism within the mind-body problem but a dualism still exists when it comes to ‘the god problem’…

On the video: the non-dual demiurgic view under the guise of secularism (when in reality economics is running on Cabalistic metaphysics) will have you believe what those like Jordan Peterson teach: that the goal for you as spirit is to become a good capitalist! This is incredibly problematic from the view of Christian Gnostic dualism. But that pretty well sums up the lived experience today under non-dual teaching.

Samkhya and Christian Gnosticism.

@7:45 I didn’t mention murder. Christian Gnostics who teach duality have always been murdered consistently throughout history.

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