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Linked below is a podcast by Peter Joseph on crypto and for the most part, he gets it all right. It’s no different than a gaming arcade. I mean it could be more…

But it obviously and demonstrably is not! I won’t get into the issue of fungibility as for the average person it’s not even on the same earth compared to the ease of using fiat. Nor is the ease of transaction: something as simple as withdrawing money from a crypto wallet has a Russian doll of hoops attached to it–no shit! People are baffled when it comes to even simple exchanges like a withdrawal.

And then there is utility. It’s been almost a decade and the crypto sphere can’t or won’t ‘inflate’ the coins that have an ‘easy utility’ attached to them via blogging. Sites like, Minds, Steemit, Hive. All still considered shitcoins when they actually have an immediate and easy use-value for the average person. After nearly 5-years of blogging in Canada, I still can’t make more than a cup of coffee a day from blogging. Yet the crypto sphere promotes endlessly Bitcoin itself via speculative gambling when the coin has no use-utility in and of itself. I can’t see this as anything other than mass hypocrisy and, or duplicity, on the part of the whales.

And, yes, the content of the blogging is irreverent to my point. You’ll say, ‘why should the system value that?’…but why shouldn’t it and why should it value speculation only with the only merit being personal gain with no use-value or cultural efficacy when it comes to utility? I won’t get into how the crypto-algorithms are creating privatized censorship, and or censure of blogging, and that is no small issue either. Not to mention that crypto now paves an avenue for mass economic cancellation of all dissident voices within any given society. So, what is there is being used in all the wrong ways!

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