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I get that all of this will be dismissed and or ridiculed by TPTB. Oh, well…

“it’s all just coinky-dinky”

Sars Corona is by definition the SUN KING virus. Covid comes from Corona Virus Disease, or CVD. C=3 V=22 and one can go read what Genesis 3:22 has to say–a direct reference to Gnosis... Corona has 6 letters (66:c3o15r18o15n14a1) and in simple gematria equals 66–so, 666. Although it is not the mark of the beast per se it is another step forward In manufacturing your consent. There is likely more to come along that line as we get closer to the grand finale of metaphysics. I also predicted this in my blog: Is The Demiurge About to Have A Hissy Fit? And no, from the perspective of Christian Gnostics, the Bible need not be true to come true.

Let’s look at the word vaccine. V (They Live) is for victory and A is for Alpha (the demiurge) with its 33-degrees (C C). It’s interesting that we get the ‘I’ in the word, too, as it gives us A.I. But that is a little later down the road of manufacturing your consent. In the slang iteration we get the double cross symbolism: VaXX…On the variants: Delta is the brain wave that gets one closest to god in meditation lore; while Lambda can easily point to the Lamb of God daddy: the false Messiah of the Demiurge! Now who makes up these names? It’s said in spirituality that it’s the eye that sees the light: IRIS…and when blinded we get VIRUS! That Delta wave is correlated to the idea of the VOID in spiritual traditions and when blinded we get the anagram COVID. More on this below.

The Demiurge is the architect of the material world and was symbolized as the Lion and the Serpent. The Lion is Yahweh/Yahshuah and the serpent is Lucifer. These are the replicants of the Aeon Christ and Sophia of the Pleroma although most modernists (even gnostics) dismiss the Pleroma as myth. The serpent is also known as the Dragon and I’m the only person on earth suggesting that it took up residence in recent history (about 5000-years ago) in China and that the serpent/dragon is female/feminine in nature: so Yaldabaoth in its female iteration is Lucifer and heads the The Female Illuminati. It’s worth watching the presentation along this theme by, Michael Tsarion. A note here that I agree with Michael that the prevailing strain/s of Gnosticism being enacted today on a worldwide scale are evil and toxic, but Michael throws out the baby with the bathwater when he suggests that Christian Gnostics are of the same evil ilk. We are not.

Another tangent here is materialist economics of the demiurgic capitalist machine that developed over the past 1000-years and especially since the advent of modern capitalism which brought with it usurious economics and Marxist ideologies. Two sides of the same evil coin really. But the point is that these economic models divorced the average person from a simpler sustainable lifestyle premised on spiritual realities. It’s worth noting here, also, that one of the first things that Constantine did when he co-opted a burgeoning Christianity was to turn Christians into serfs or slaves…It’s interesting, also, that the number one factor in the ecological disaster that is well underway is the economics of usury. Of course, there is more to it than that, but this NEVER gets talked about by the usual suspects in the MSM. There is obviously no connection to some of the worst economic ideas in the known universe and the destruction of the biosphere and atmosphere–at least according to the elites and their MSM…

It’s worth noting that most of these shenanigans today are being framed within the stage theory of life or the Hegelian dialectic of progress. That is to say that this model suggests that life is simply getting better and better and better instead of cyclic theories which view modernity as a disaster. As a Christian Gnostic, I view the latter as more accurate, although the division of church and state (secularism) is something I agree with. But even at that I’ve suggested a compromise in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. Basically, in short, it suggests bringing back simple human decency at the basic needs level while ending predatory economics in the four areas: homes, food, education, and healthcare. BTW: the idea that homes should be speculative ventures premised on usury (with many homes sitting empty) is about 50-years old, and, when compared to at least 100,000 years of human activity, it’s ridiculous to suggest that homes couldn’t be thought of and implemented in better and healthier ways. The Commons arena of life would have to implement ‘free credit’ or the original very good idea of the *Social Credit developed by Christian’s mid-century (but had poor implementation). See Anthony Migchels on this issue.

This is from my blog: Fun With Numbers

The number 12 is significant to the archons and low and behold 12-years before 2020 we had the 2008 crash. 7 is important to them also and 7-years before the 2008 crash takes us to 2001 and the year of a major civilizational psy-op and low and behold we get that number 19.

I was musing in 2018 about the 70th anniversary of the birth of the modern state of Israel and spoke publicly at the time about what they might give the world for its birthday and when nothing major happened I was surprised. But this week I noticed I may have miscalculated as the 12 might have been the better marker and 7 times 12 equals 72 (1-degree of the zodiac’s precession) which brings us to COVID in 2020– which is a major civilizational event–from 1948 to 2020 is 72 years which gives us that number 9 again.

Now interestingly, COVID backward is DIVOC, and I now call the predatory economics of COVID: DIVOC- 91…Please note how this virus magically made it so the top of the pyramid did nothing but benefit and grow richer from the pandemic! Almost like the virus was specifically engineered not to do damage to the top of the civilizational pyramid. But more interestingly, is that DIVOC in Hebrew is DYBBUK, which in their mythology is a demon that attaches itself to humans in similar ways that COVID attaches itself to cells in the body. Also, note the family of viruses, called Carona which links to the idea of the sun–which I call the Sun-King in Gnosticism which is analogous to the Demiurge–so I call it the Demiurge virus. A side note here is the Akhenaten/Moses theory as ole Akhen was the first to bring the idea of (sun-worship) monotheism to the world–coincidences all around:_P Akhenaten lived during the 18th Dynasty which was 33 centuries ago…Got Freemasonry? YOU BET WE DO!

Now if we take 91-years off 2020 we get 1929 which was the ‘great’ crash of Wall St. I’ve asked why and who is doing the naming here as it’s never great for the victims when these civilizational psy-ops are enacted by the archons.

The two-letter blend EL is the last syllable in IS RA EL which is a Caananite God and I’ve pointed out that Yahweh sure liked naming things after his arch-enemies: but EL is also used to reference Saturn which is likely where we get the Sabbath from–Saturday–Sat oshi, too:_P. Saturns transit is 29-years and 29-years back from 2001 takes us to the petroleum crash of 1972 and I still remember the line-ups for gas even though I was only 12. No small amount of financial damage was done to the common people during that hissy fit! 29-years ahead of 2001 takes us to Agenda 2030. Now I must say right off that the current Great Reset as posited by the usual-suspects in the alt-media is bullshit misdirection in my opinion, but I won’t get into that here other than to say that what these actors are espousing isn’t going to happen.

A last note here: Christian Gnostics view the material world; its creator the demiurge, and materialist philosophies, as HYLIC. This word describes our physical condition and we call all Hylics ‘the blind leading the blind’...

  • the good idea of the Social Credit mid-century by Alberta Christians should not be confused with the co-opting of the term by China today.

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