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This essay by, Alexander Rivera, is something I’ve been musing on for a long time, and as I’m just a lackey in spiritual matters, Alexander explores these intersections far more professionally than I do.

As he points out: the demiurge in the Vedas is not obvious and not a primary focus of that tradition. I’ve argued elsewhere that one of the primary issues of why I maintain a Christian Gnostic stance is because of the Jewish Question which is not addressed at all in the Vedas. It seems a rather odd omission from the Gods of that tradition.

My view, also, is reincarnation wasn’t an ‘a priori’ template but rather an ‘emergency measure’ taken by the pleroma in an effort to redeem the fallen angels (US). This is a major distinction. This is one of the few scenarios wherein I consider the ‘earth is a school’ idea possible-rather than my instinct that it’s a prison asylum.

In my view, as a Gnostic, the material world is REAL and not an illusion, as the demiurge is a material being and intrinsically connected with the material realm. I call this place a ‘deceptive construct’ and not an illusion or Maya. Although I’m sympathetic to modern Simulation theories I haven’t drank the Kool-aid. Just a note that if I write a song about something it doesn’t necessarily mean I believe the lyrical content–it’s an exploration of ideas.

This is just my opinion, but I suspect that Plotinus had deep Jewish connections and that we haven’t received the honest truth about who he was and what his motivations were. Interestingly, the leading proponent of Plotinus today is Ken Wilber and I’ve mentioned many times that Ken has a ‘Judaic wall’ backing or surrounding him and any talk of Christian Gnostic dualism is summarily dismissed as lowly evolved within the Integral community. And, yes, Miles Mathis also suggests the Greek elites were indeed, Semitic…

Just a note that many of these scholars in modernity are materialists and atheists. This isn’t surprising, per se, but I believe the academies are controlled and like the RCC one of their primary directives in modernity was to protect the name of Yahweh. I get this sounds absurd upon first hearing and it would take much unpacking to understand why I think this and I’m not up to this task at the moment within a short blog. I’ll only say for now that Marx, in his J.Q., advocated for mass indoctrination of atheism–I’ve said elsewhere that there are two acceptable perspectives when it comes to the Demiurge: he’s real and good, or he doesn’t exist at all. If one suggests that the demiurge is both real and not at all nice one is cancelled, and murdered–the fate of the Christian Gnostics.

I can’t really leave this issue without mentioning modern economics. Anyone who thinks that what is happening on earth today is good–if they hold religious or spiritual views–is entirely deluded, IMO. Late stage neoliberalism is morphing into a fusion of worldwide corporate ‘commie-fascism’. It’s reduced humans to nothing more than consumers; has commodified every aspect of life; instantiated a worldwide system of usurious economics; decimated labor and the only avenue of resistance; is more coercive and exploitative than any point in capitalism’s history; has turned homes into empty units sitting idle as speculative ventures juxtaposed to mass homelessness; is destroying eco-systems at an unprecedented rate; implementing a massive surveillance state while eviserating freedom of expression; using a virus that on aggregate was not all that harmful to healthy people to further this hegemonic agenda of the archons.

The point? This IS NOT repairing anything! This is insanity and deeply disturbed.

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