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HERE is a link dissecting these ideas.

My definition of negative liberty today: the ideology that any given person can do whatever they want, wherever they want, without regard to consequence or negative outcomes to others or ecosystems. So, in my opinion, we have liberty with no regard for responsibility to others or ecosystems.

Inevitably, under these mores, we’ve devolved into a culture of narcissism and banality fuelled by dishonest and deceitful advertisers juxtaposed to the reductionist fundamentalism of the worldwide religion of money (economic 101 ideology) brought to us by the god KA$H…

The outcome of all of this might be coined as ‘the externalization of everything’... Under the auspices of ‘late stage capitalism’ profit by any and all means has become the only metric that matters.

Arguably, it was the internationalist moneylending cartels– using the front of corporate fascism via neoliberalism– that were the primary manipulators of the negative use of freedom; and it seems to me that once they heard the vocal outcry on the internet over the last ten or so years, that they then used a global pandemic to usher in their version of positive liberty which is totalitarianism. So, the cure brought to us by the disease.

A very good brief overview of negative liberty HERE…

A note here that the terminology used in this context is somewhat counter-intuitive. That aside, what the international capitalists did was weaponize the ideas within negative liberty for the primary goal of achieving profit from everyone, everywhere, at every possible opportunity. When I hear conservatives critiquing liberalism I think this is in large part what they mean. What global capitalism did was disrupt every culture or society on earth for the sole purpose of resource and labour extraction for corporations. It was a two-pronged assault in that first they used imperialist and colonial tactics to infiltrate any given country and once it was disrupted they opened the doors to mass emigration which disrupted the culture of traditional first wave cultures.

This documentary posted on Youtube in 2018 is at the very least a foreshadowing and perhaps much more than that. One of the things that bothers me the most about the virus and the pandemic is the compartmentalization of the narrative within the MSM and political spheres. It’s simply entirely random and no one anywhere would ever consider weaponizing a virus for strategic ends. I pointed out in 2019 in November that the first legitimate scientific report from the University of Alaska was released which documents that the collapse of building SEVEN on 911 was a controlled demolition. No one will ever get to hear about that report now, will they?

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